Probar Bolt Energy Chew Review

Probar Bolt Energy Chew Review

Recently I tried the Probar Bolt Energy Chew. I was excited to try them because they had a couple of my favorite nutrition flavors including “berry blast” and cran-pomegranate. Plus, I appreciate chews when hiking and on longer trail run efforts. I don’t love eating gels while just hiking on a trail.

Probar Bolt Energy Chew Review

About the Company Probar:

Is it Probar?

Is it Pro Bar?

It is ProBar?


Ultimately I determined it was Probar.

When the founder Jeff Coleman moved to ‌Park City, Utah in 2002, he ‌was an ‘eat whatever there is’ ‌kind of guy. He began exploring the trails in Park City and realized that he wanted better quality food. He wanted to make more informed decisions and feel more energized. This caused him to began learning more about nutrition and eating real, simple foods.

He tried a locally made energy bar and was shocked that it “didn’t taste like cardboard”. Within a month he committed to growing and funding Probar and eventually bought it outright!

Probar Bolt Energy Chew Review

The goal of Probar is to

“creates delicioy, convenient, healthy, plant-based ‌food products. They strive to
become the leading provider of REAL ‌FOOD choices, always maintaining their commitment
to quality, ‌sustainability, and fantastic taste.‌”

About Probar Bolt Energy Chews:

The Probar Bolt Energy Chews are designed as preworkout or midworkout snacks. Unlike many preworkouts, these chews aren’t designed with extra chemicals. They are created using organic and sustainable ingredients, sourced from whole foods whenever possible.

The Probar Bolt Energy Chews are not overly chewy. They are soft and easy to consume, plus they don’t get stuck in your teeth. It’s suprsingy how many chews and gummy products I’ve reviewed that get stuck in your teeth. So please if you ever hike with me, let me know there are chews stuck in my teeth.

The Probar Bolt Energy Chews contain 100% of several B vitamins including niacin, B6, and B12. Often with products that are full of B vitamins, you “taste the vitamins” and they taste like chemicals. That isn’t a problem you have here.

Each of the Probar Bolt Energy Chews has 48 grams of carbs and the entire package has 190 calories.

Two flavors (Berry blast and Raspberry) also offer 40 mg of caffeine.

Probar Bolt Energy Chew Review

There are 6 of Probar Bolt Energy Chews:

  • Orange: The orange is one of the original flavors and the first flavor I tried. It is sweet without being overly sweet. (You don’t taste like you’re going on a sugar high).
  • Berry Blast: The Berry Blast is one of the originals. It tastes just like a fruity gummy snack. I was surprised to learn there was caffeine because I don’t taste it. The Berry Blast Probar Bolt Energy Chews is probably my favorite flavor.
  • Strawberry: The Strawberry was one of the more mellow flavors. If you are someone who doesn’t love “super sweet” products, the Strawberry is a great option.
  • The Pink Lemonade: The Pink Lemonade was the other more mellow product. Sometimes lemon and lemonade products are overly tart or “lemonhy” but the Pink Lemonade Probar Bolt Energy Chews was just the right amount.
  • Cran-Pomagrante: My other favorite flavor was the cran-pomagranate and I enjoyed the sweetness. When I go to purchase again, I’ll probably get a mix of these and the Berry Blast.

In all, I liked all of the flavors of the Probar Bolt Energy Chews and they were flavors I would have again. There was nothing that I was like “ew gross” or “this is hard to consume”.

Probar Bolt Energy Chew Review
Small and easy to digest peices

My experience with the Probar Bolt Energy Chews:

I first used the Energy Chews on a longer hike. I wanted to try them in a nonrigorous workout that I needed energy but didn’t want to have “too much energy”. I found the flavors easy to consume and appreciated I didn’t need a lot of water. Plus, they didn’t get stuck in my teeth. The flavors were easy to consume and they tasted good. On longer hikers, I appreciate eating something versus consuming a gel or drink mix.

Since the Probar Bolt Energy Chews sat well in my stomach and I felt energy I’ve used them on trail runs as well as a few swims. I definitely have energy and I like the taste. They do exactly what they claim.

Probar Bolt Energy Chew Review

Cost: $ 12 pack for $23.50.

While they aren’t the cheapest option, at just under $2 per package, they aren’t the most expensive either.

Probar Bolt Energy Chews Conclusion:

I like the Probar Bolt Energy Chews and they are an easy to consume option. If you are looking for an energy chew for running, swimming, hiking, or even biking, they are a great choice. I appreciate they taste good and are sustainable and natural. You won’t taste the chemicals, plus they aren’t the most expensive option. I will continue to use them.

You can purchase Probat Bolt Energy Chews here and see all nutrition reviews here.

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Questions for you:

Have you tried Probolt Energy Chews?

What is your favorite nutrition product?