Training: A Training Cycle Breakthrough

me running treadmill

My goal of March has just been to stay consistent. I was lucky to enough to get mileage in, even in inclement and cold weather. Do I love running in the cold? Not really, but I just tried to stay consistent.

Monday: Easy 30-minute run/Hike 2 Hours at Six Mile Run
Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday: 12X400 averaging 6:10 pace (warmup/Cooldown=10)/Core
Thursday: OFF
Friday: Easy 60 minutes Treadmill
Saturday: 7 miles 45:51 (warmup/cool down=10)
Sunday: 14  Miles Moderate Pace (8:16)


I planned to take an additional rest day last week, and it worked out. Most of my runs were just easy.  I don’t time my easy runs.  It allows me to just focus on feel.  Last Friday, I had no interest in running outdoors…so I didn’t. It was cold and windy, and I just wasn’t in the mood to outdoors. I had a nice run on the treadmill.

I’ve been doing a lot more core work.  I’ve done a similar core routine for years, which I blogged about a few years ago. Not much has changed since.

Workout Wednesday: 12X400 with 90 seconds jog

I had psyched myself out of this workout, but I’m glad I forced myself out there. When I got going, it was one of my better workouts in a while. Even though it was windy, I felt good. I’m happy with my effort, especially in the wind and cold.

Saturdays Race: 7 Miles 45:51

I was not expecting to feel this good, and I have no complaints. I ran even but also progressive splits. My first mile was 6:39 and last was 6:28.  I wasn’t expecting to run that fast, so I’m happy I got a fast race in.  I’ll have a full recap this week.

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Questions for you:

How was your week of training? 

How warm is it where you are? 


  1. This week of training was focused on increasing miles for me. I practiced refining my fueling strategy on my long run and finished off the week with a strong 9 mile run that felt awesome!

  2. Hi! This week had a snow day, followed by a couple days with a few ice spots. Sure hope we’re done with that! Congratulations on the Leprechaun 7 miler!

    1. Thanks so much Joe! Hopefully you get less snow as we move into spring.

  3. I don’t often take rest days because my workouts usually aren’t super intense but on Saturday I took a pilates class to get trained (which was like 8 hours of pilates haha) and the next day, I felt like I pulled something in my neck! My husband was like, clearly your body needs a rest haha. I’m still trying to get into a good rhythm!

    1. 8 hours of Pilates sounds so intense! I hope your neck feels better Liz

  4. I love that you run without timing it on your easy days. It’s a great opportunity to just listen to your body. And that surprising speed in the 7 miler is just awesome. Congrats again!!! Looking forward to the recap.

  5. I usually don’t time my easy days, either, since I know a lot of running route distances near my house. So it’s easy to pick a 5 mile route and run it “blind”. But lately my Monday easy runs have been timed since I have to run from work due to my schedule, and I am actually seeing my easy paces…like, 8:50 or slower. Hey, whatever it takes to recover, I guess!!

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