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Base Building Week 2: Adding Miles

You know when you have a good week of training and you don’t want to jinx it? Just me?

Last week felt good. I’m starting to build my base up for some (hopefully) faster shorter races in the Spring.  I was able to get the mileage I wanted.  The goal right now is to build quality weeks.  Most of my speed will come informally from fartleks and races. In a few weeks, I’ll incorporate fast, speed workouts.

Monday: Easy 6.3 miles
Tuesday: Easy 6.3 miles
Wednesday: 10 miles with Kris
Thursday: 4 miles with strides+hike with Jen
Friday: 6 miles easy
Saturday: Easy 10 miles
Sunday: 12.5 miles with 2X400s at the end (6:50, 6:38)


On paper, this wasn’t supposed to be a busy week of life for me at all. I thought it would be easy with not much excitement. Plans started popping up and it ended up being active every day.  I was happy to get the mileage in. November, December, and January are going to focus on building back mileage and trying to get back to shorter stuff.

I’ve started using my watch more so I have a better idea of the distance I’m running. Based on this year with races, my “easy run pace” should be between 8:50-10 mins, but if I run 10:15, I’m not worried about it. I’m excited to start training and getting back into shape for shorter races. It’s going to be a long road, but I’m looking forward to the days when sub 1:30 half marathons feel “easy” again.

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Questions for you:

Are you running a turkey trot next week?

What is your favorite distance to run? 

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Training: A Training Cycle Breakthrough

My goal of March has just been to stay consistent. I was lucky to enough to get mileage in, even in inclement and cold weather. Do I love running in the cold? Not really, but I just tried to stay consistent.

Monday: Easy 30-minute run/Hike 2 Hours at Six Mile Run
Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday: 12X400 averaging 6:10 pace (warmup/Cooldown=10)/Core
Thursday: OFF
Friday: Easy 60 minutes Treadmill
Saturday: 7 miles 45:51 (warmup/cool down=10)
Sunday: 14  Miles Moderate Pace (8:16)


I planned to take an additional rest day last week, and it worked out. Most of my runs were just easy.  I don’t time my easy runs.  It allows me to just focus on feel.  Last Friday, I had no interest in running outdoors…so I didn’t. It was cold and windy, and I just wasn’t in the mood to outdoors. I had a nice run on the treadmill.

I’ve been doing a lot more core work.  I’ve done a similar core routine for years, which I blogged about a few years ago. Not much has changed since.

Workout Wednesday: 12X400 with 90 seconds jog

I had psyched myself out of this workout, but I’m glad I forced myself out there. When I got going, it was one of my better workouts in a while. Even though it was windy, I felt good. I’m happy with my effort, especially in the wind and cold.

Saturdays Race: 7 Miles 45:51

I was not expecting to feel this good, and I have no complaints. I ran even but also progressive splits. My first mile was 6:39 and last was 6:28.  I wasn’t expecting to run that fast, so I’m happy I got a fast race in.  I’ll have a full recap this week.

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Questions for you:

How was your week of training? 

How warm is it where you are? 

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Workouts Week 5: Building the Base

Happy Labor Day!  As I continue to build my base, things have been plugging right along.   This weekend, I skipped a race. We were out of town, plus my body needed a nonracing weekend.  So with that, I just ran easy.

This is the first year in a while, I wasn’t able to run the RnR VA Beach Half Marathon.  It’s a (hot) race, but I always enjoy it.  I’ve never run it in peak shape, but I’ve always had memorable moments there.  Last year I was fifth woman overall and the year before I crossed the finish line holding hands with my husband.

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Easy 50 minutes
Wednesday: Easy 50 minutes+core
Thursday: Easy 50 minutes
Friday: OFF
Saturday: Easy 1 hour
Sunday: Easy 1 hour+10 Mile hike (should have planned this better)

Total: 29-31 miles+ hiking

Workout Progression: 
Week 1: 31-33 miles
Week 2: 33-35 miles
Week 3: 33-35 miles (1 workout)
Week 4: 35-37 miles
Week 5: 29-31 miles


I don’t have a lot to say about this week and that is okay.  Some weeks are boring and easy but those are the weeks that keep us healthy.  Overall, I’m happy with how my fitness is coming along.  I keep telling myself, I took 3 months off so fitness isn’t going to be built in a day.

My wheels have started turning for races and I’ve signed up for a few 5ks and even the Air Force Half Marathon in a couple of weeks.  My husband is training for the Air Force Full marathon and since I’ll be there, I thought I would test out the waters. Do I expect a PR, LOL no…but it will be fun to run that distance again. I haven’t picked out any goal races just yet though.

Posts from the Week:
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Questions for you:
Did you race this weekend?
What race are you most looking forward to this fall? 

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February to March Run Chat

When I look back at February I don’t really know where to begin.

In summary, this month was confusing, shocking and not what I expected.  I did a February goals post here where I talked about not knowing what would happen.  If January seemed like a blur, February was much more blurry.  I guess that is also because it’s 3 days shorter.

Running wise, with each race I seemed to get faster.  The sad part is that all three races were faster than the 5ks I ran in January.  I guess it’s not sad since it means I’m getting back into shape.


Super Hero 4 miler

In summary of the race...running half naked.
Summary of the race…running half naked.

Virginia is for Lovers 14k

Summary of the race: Power the last mile or you'll regret it
Summary of the race: Power the last mile or you’ll regret it

Lake Effect Half Marathon

Summary of the race: Just these three photos.
Summary of the race: Just these three photos.

Total miles: 295 (goal 300)

Longest run: 16.5 miles

Shortest run: Warm up 1.15 miles

Best Run:  Lake Effect Half Marathon easily

Best Training Run: Tempo run last week with 7 miles around 7 min pace

Range of pace: 6:06-9:49

Total rest days: 5

I also had very productive training weeks.  My mile totals were 62, 76, 82, 62.  My runs began to feel good that I was no longer slogging miles and an 8:15-8:30 pace seemed to feel easy.  There has never been a point in my training where that pace has felt so effortless.

Edit: This final week into March I can say the majority of my runs have been slogged.  The half marathon really took a lot out of me.

Goals of March:

So without further ado I’m laying it out on the line.  If the weather is good and my training goes well for the next two weeks I want to PR at Shamrock.  I would like to find a tune up race the weekend before but we will see.

Tentative: Looking for a 5-10k March 9-10th.  Does anyone in NJ have any recommendations?

March 16: Shamrock Half Marathon

Then lots of rest.

Maybe March will be the month I’ll reach 300 miles but I’m not as worried about miles right not as quality miles.

Long story short: My goals for March are to PR at Shamrock and to keep quality training going on. 

As far as the rest of my life, I am making some big changes in life and in March.  I can’t wait to share them with you.

Questions for you:

How was your month of February?

What are your goals for March?