February Running Recap

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It feels like January was 11 months long, and February was 11 minutes. I’m not complaining because I won’t say it was my favorite month. Has February even ever been close to my favorite? No. Like the month, this recap will be short because there isn’t a heck of a lot to say!

Luckily, compared to many winters we’ve had recently, it wasn’t all that hard to get outside. It’s been much milder.

Miles Run: Around 200

Rest Days: 4

Workouts: 8 Including Lonely 5ks

Races: Cupids Chase 5k (20:32)


I wanted and hoped to race more than I did. I signed up for another race but things popped up the night before, and I couldn’t go. I bummed but made the best of it. I’ve told myself if I can’t find a race I’ll run a hard 5k alone. I’ve been doing well sticking to that.  The 5k I actually did race, was my slowest but we also ran against a headwind, and I pretty much ran that race alone as well.

Cupids chase 5k race moorestown

I’m slowly coming to terms that this season, while working hard, might not be a “fast” season for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for anyone running a 20 minute 5k, but I want to get back to 18:XX. My body is just not there right now.

me running

February was at least much more consistent than January. In January, I couldn’t get any rhyme in training and often found myself taking at least two if not more days off from running due to things popping up. The goal for March is to be as consistent with running. I am already signed up for a few races including Shamrock Half. At this point, something under 1:30 and close to Carlsbad seems like a dream, but that is the goal.

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Questions for you:

How was your February training?

What are your goals for March? 

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  1. A 20-minute 5k is definitely respectable. But, I do understand your drive to hit that 18:xx! That’s a time that would take me way more work and effort! On that note, Feb was rough. One stomach virus and one stupid, bad cold that left my body drained. So my miles were cut 50% those two weeks. Still ended with 200+ish miles so that’s a win. Still training heavier than I was two years ago! As far as March, I’ll be running the Biltmore Half-marathon as an ambassador for them. I’d like to PR my course record but the elevation is a good bit tougher than Raleigh (my 13.1 PR 1:31…whoa just noticed my pr is the distance lol) so I don’t expect to hit the 1:31 again. I did run a 1:35 in training within my long run last weekend…so who knows!

  2. February hasn’t been great for me as I’m 25km off my goal. The weather forced me to run the same sidewalk for most of the month so I’ve been super bored!

  3. Sounds like a really nice month. I agree– February could have been a lot worse weather wise even though we were tossed a few zingers. I love your consistency!

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