On Cloudace Shoe Review

On Cloudace shoe review

On Cloudace Shoe Review

The On Cloudace is a brand new, highly cushioned shoe from ON.  As most readers and followers know by now, I prefer a well-cushioned shoe for training.  The more cushion, the better.  When On created the On Cloudace, I knew it would be a shoe I would eventually try.

If you are someone who is injury prone or likes a well-cushioned shoe, the On Cloudace is going to be a good fit for you.

If you have never run in ON before, they will feel different.  I’ve run in the ON Cloudflow and the ON Cloud Surfer before. On claims it’s cushioning that doesn’t change or break your stride but supports you how you need it.

On Cloudace shoe review

The “Clouds” at the bottom of any of their shoes are adaptable and cushion both horizontal and vertical forces.  This means it will feel soft but also responsive. When you strike, the Cloud technology lock and form a supportive foundation.  For the most part, I’ve always felt that in each model I’ve run in.

Watching videos of this visibly happening is cool. I actually appreciate brands you can see their technology.

On Cloudace Fit:

Like many running shoes, there are no seams in the upper in the On Cloudace.  Usually, in women’s sizes, I wear between 10-11 wide.

On doesn’t make wides at this point, so I chose a 10.5.  The On Cloudace fits well, but given the option, I would have preferred a 10.5 wide.  Other than that, it fits fine, and I haven’t had any issues with needing a different size. The On Cloudace has a slightly wider toe box and with the engineered mesh, I can get away without a wide. The heel counter in the back of the On Cloudace, allows you to feel secure.

On Cloudace shoe review

On Cloudace Ride:

To date, the On Cloudace is one of the stiffest shoes I’ve tried.  You can feel it’s that the On Cloudace is a maximum cushioned shoe without feeling weighed down.  Like mentioned, it’s supported where I personally need it.

The On Cloudace itself is stable and responsive. With the weight, that is rare for shoes.  When I tried it on, I wasn’t sure how responsive the On Cloudace would actually be.  Would my foot melt into the cushion?  Would I be able to run “fast” in the shoe? You feel the extra weight in the On Cloudace but it feels comfortable and supportive. The cushioning and support doesn’t get in the way of running.

I’ve done a few short workouts in the On Cloudace, and I have run about the same pace.  I’ve also done a few easy runs in the On Cloudace and felt good.  For me, the On Cloudace will fit in nicely as a recovery run shoe.  I can run fast, but I prefer other shoes to run fast in.  Having such a wide range for a shoe is rare. If you’ve never worn On before, you’ll notice the “Clouds” at the bottom of the shoe.

On Cloudace shoe review

If you have ever run in Newton or adidas, you might appreciate On, because they do feel fairly similar. (I ran through 17 pairs of 4 lug Newton Gravities many years ago).


The only, drawback of the On Cloudace is the price point.  While most shoes that are of similar cushioning level are between $140-$160, the On Cloudace comes in at $200.  The On Cloudace is definitely one of my most expensive running shoes but I’m hoping it will be more durable than many others.  So far I’ve put about 100 miles on the On Cloudace and it could easily be mistaken as brand new.

Current Shoes I’m running in:

Daily Runs: Brooks Glycerin 16, New Balance 1080

Recovery Runs: Hoka One One Clifton 5, On Cloudace

Workouts/Races: Nike Fly, Nike LT Racer, New Balance 1400

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Questions for you:

Have you tried On? Have you tried the On Cloudace? 


  1. I so need a new pair of runners. I have such a hard time finding runners that have the correct support I need; totally checking these out

  2. LOVE them, but yeah, I don’t think it’s in my price range. Womp womp!

  3. So i just downloaded this app called couch to 5k and I am really hoping that it will help me get some motivation lol.I have really wide feet so sometimes it can be hard to find shoes that work for me. Thanks for all the information!

  4. I love my ON shoes. My biggest complaint is they look weird on my feet to me. Lol. But i do think they fit and cushion really well without being too thick. The Hoka hupana are my all time favorite for running and walking.

  5. I don’t run but I always buy running shoes for my day to day trainers because I can only feel comfortable in this type of shoes. I need a lot of cushions and support for my back, and I feel that running shoes offer this quite well. I didn’t hear about On before, but they do sound like a quality brand.

  6. I’m looking for shoes for walking. Mostly breathable ones. These seem super comfortable that i really might consider.

  7. Never tried or (honestly) even heard of these! I have lots of joint/bone issues so cycling is my sport, not running – BUT, I do appreciate a well-cushioned shoe, given my history of foot fractures/surgeries!

  8. Oh wow! I had not heard of this brand before. I love the color and they sound super comfy!!

    1. On is a Swiss company and they aren’t available in a lot of stores…usually just run speciality.

  9. These shoes look like they would be so wonderful. I love the design of them as well.

  10. Shoe reviews are one of my favorite! It is so hard to find a good shoe and the colors of these are great!

  11. I love this shoes. The shoes are so cool! I will be sharing this with everyone I know!

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