Lakehurst Diner

Lakehurst Diner lakehurst nj

Lakehurst Diner (Lakehurst, NJ)

Last week I met my friend Lauren at the Lakehurst Diner in Lakehurst, NJ. I’ve driven by the Lakehurst Diner many times on my way to the Lakehurst Base.  For whatever reason, I haven’t stopped.

Lakehurst Diner Atmosphere: B
The outside of the Lakehurst Diner is a medium-sized building with plenty of windows.  When we arrived, it was relatively empty for dinner time.  There were plenty of booths and tables available.  We sat towards the back, which was nice.

Lakehurst Diner Coffee: A
The coffee at the Lakehurst Diner was the best part of the diner. It was brewed hot and fresh and refilled often. I thought it was great.  In fact, the coffee was the best part of the meal experience.

Lakehurst Diner lakehurst nj

Lakehurst Diner Food: D
The Lakehurst Diner menu has everything a typical diner usually has.  There is nothing fancy or unique.

There are plenty of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.  There was an entire menu of specials. I wasn’t sure what I wanted, so I ordered the Broiled salmon special which came with a salad, vegetable, potato, and salmon.

It was exactly what you pictured. There was absolutely nothing extra, and it felt as though there was no effort.  The ordered a greek salad which was $2 extra.  It was the best part of the meal.

Lakehurst Diner lakehurst nj

The food all tasted as if it had been frozen and reheated. I joked that because it was near a Navy base, it felt as though the food came from a deployed ship.  Many of my Navy friends found it funny but sadly true.

Lakehurst Diner lakehurst nj

The food was edible, but would I order it again? No.

Lakehurst Diner Service: B
The waiter at the Lakehurst Diner was friendly, and our food came out relatively fast. One thing I found interesting was that Lauren’s food came out about 10 minutes before mine. It’s always strange to me when meals don’t all just come out at once.

Lakehurst Diner Price: $
For my special and coffee, it was $15.

Overall Thoughts/Would I come back to the Lakehurst Diner?
It wasn’t my favorite diner and in the bottom as far as diners go. I probably won’t be back to the Lakehurst Diner. If I do come back, I’m choosing something else. I had a great time with Lauren, and that is all that matters.

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Questions for you:
Those in the Food Industry: Is it normal for meals to come out at once, or at separate times?
What is one of the blandest meals you’ve had?

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  1. This is my moment, I finally made it onto the LOLZ blog! lol it was great meeting, good or bad the company was great, up next is the Rainbow Diner!

  2. This might sound funny … but I think I probably got better looking meals at school when I was in K-8. I went to a private school in the midwest and I can honestly say that some of those meals were less than beautiful! BUT it sounds like you had great COFFEE (so IMPORTANT) and even better Company! 🙂

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