Training: Another Week Down…

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August has continued the trend of boring running.  It seems the weeks are going by quicker and I’m just moving along. The first two weeks have been busy with life and I know the second two will be similar, but that’s okay!  You can’t be full out training all of the time.

Many people have asked, but I haven’t picked out any goal races for the fall and won’t until mid-September.  Yes, later than probably appropriate but that is really my only option right now.  I know I have a decent base that I’m nowhere near “starting from scratch” training for a new race.  Until then, I’ll just keep cranking away at mileage.

Monday: Easy 60 minutes
Tuesday: Easy 45 minutes + 5 mile hike
Wednesday: 12X400s averaging 6:01
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 45 minute run+3 mile rainy hike
Saturday: 60 minutes easy
Sunday: 15 miles with last 7 averaging 7:03

My easy runs were just that, easy.  I say that every week but for the most part, there isn’t anything thrilling about them.  I don’t use a Garmin for pace, I either use a route I know the mileage (IE this is 5 miles) or just use a start/stopwatch for 45 minutes (or whatever).  I could go 8-minute miles…or 10…but the world will never know, including me.

I did quite a bit of hiking this week as well.  On Tuesday, I had only meant to go about 20-30 minutes in a new park but got lost and ended up going 5 miles.  As I said on Instagram, it was my own fault because I chose to “trust my gut” versus look at the park map.

Then on Friday, I needed to be up near Allentown.  I arrived with a few hour hours to spare (mostly to avoid rush hour Philadelphia traffic) and so I decided to do a short hike in Hickory Run Park.  It started downpouring quickly into the hike, so it was nothing but an adventure.  It was fun, and I look forward to going back when it’s not pouring rain and flooded out.

Wednesday: 12X400s at 6:01 pace with 400 rest

I do my workouts on the roads since that is where I race.  To be honest, I felt much better than I anticipated.  That workout went much better than I thought and I have zero complaints.

Sunday: 15 miles with last 7 at 7:03

As I mentioned on Instagram, long runs have become one of my more favorite runs.  I enjoy getting out there and having a short workout in them.  My favorite are fast finishes, and I try and do the second half faster than the first.  It gives me something to “look forward too” as well as keep it interesting.  Sunday’s pace surprised me.  It was humid in the northeast and the due point high, so I wasn’t expecting to be able to work into some sub 7-minute miles.


In all, I’m happy with the week.  My summer has been awesome regarding life.  It has been uneventful regarding running.  Yes, I’m running, but I’m not actively training for anything.

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Questions for you:

Are you training for anything?

Do you have a fall goal race picked out?

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  1. The weather has been bananas so it’s no surprise you were caught in the downpour! Even the rain isn’t refreshing these days but I’m sure it will feel even better when fall finally arrives, right??

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