Malibu Diner (Hoboken)

Malibu Diner (Hoboken, NJ)

A few weeks ago, I ended up in Hoboken at the Malibu Diner. I’ve heard the Malibu Diner is good and have wanted to get up there for a while. It seemed to work out well.  When I arrived around noon, it wasn’t crowded at all. I was shocked! There isn’t a lot of parking so it was a nice surprise!

Malibu Diner Atmosphere: A
The Malibu Diner is typical of any North Jersey Diner.  There is a bar and plenty of tables and booths.  I sat in the corner booth, which was quiet.

Malibu Diner Hoboken

Malibu Coffee: A

The coffee at the Malibu Diner was good. I was pleasantly surprised to see they served Lacas coffee. It was hot and the waitress brought plenty of refills. Hard to argue with that!

Malibu Diner Hoboken
Malibu Diner Food: A
The Malibu Diner menu has every option you need in a diner. I wasn’t sure what I was craving!

For those who don’t know, North Jersey has far better bagels than South Jersey, so I decided to order a bagel.  I’m sure it wasn’t the best (according to my good friend Amelia’s view), but it was much better than anything in South Jersey.

Malibu Diner Hoboken

I was between a few options, including french toast but decided to order a protein wrap which had every kind of breakfast meat you might want.  It was packed. I was happy with it.

Malibu Diner Hoboken

Service: B

The waitress left for long periods, but after a while, she warmed up.  The food came out quickly, and the manager checked on us a few times.

Malibu Diner Cost: $14
For my wrap, bagel, and coffee, the cost was $14.

Overall Thoughts/Would I come back to the Malibu Diner?

The Malibu Diner is one of my more favorite diners in the area, and I would go back.  I was happy with my experience.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: B
Food: A
Service: B
Price: $10-15
Overall: A

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Questions for you:
What is your favorite type of bagel?
Do you have a favorite breakfast?