Training Log: Travel and the Phillies 5k

me running snow

Last week was spent being busy but also attempting to recover from races.  As you can see from the word “attempt”, it probably wasn’t my best attempt.  The next few weeks are going to be very busy and not because of my running store job. For instance, yesterday I had something pop up which caused me to miss fun plans with friends.

To be honest, running takes the least amount of priority in my life.  Yes, I work at a running store and have a running blog but it isn’t, and never will be my sole focus in life.  It’s just what I choose to post on the internet.  During the next month, I will still run consistently but I won’t have a lot of time for the little things outside of that.  I’m worried I might over exhaust myself like I did last year which led to my burnout.  If that becomes the case this year I’ll just step back which prevent a month or more break. I am more familiar with signs and warnings (of my personal burnout) which makes it easier.


Not a lot to say about this week.  I consistently ran and raced one of my favorite races of the year: The Phillies 5k.  I’ve now won 3 years in a row which is a good feeling.

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Easy 60 minutes and drive back to NJ
Wednesday: Easy 60 minutes
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Easy 60 minutes+ART with Dr. Kemonosh
Saturday: Phillies 5k (19:07)
Sunday: Long Run with fast finish (14 miles with 5 at 6:50)


Not a lot to say about this week.  I skipped a midweek workout because my body was not ready for that after the Adrenaline 5k and Shamrock Half Marathon last week.  I wish I had been able to get a massage earlier in the week, however, another snowstorm on Wednesday closed almost everything down.  The snow has affected training but it affects everyone.  I’ll never put my safety in danger to run outdoors or travel somewhere.

The Phillies 5k was a rough day for me.  It’s my slowest 5k in a while, however, I gave it my all for the day.  My all for the day was a 19:07.  A lot of things happened that morning including forgetting my racing flats but I’m proud of finishing and getting another win.  Not every day will be your best.  I’m not mad, sad, or disappointed because there are many more 5ks in the sea of racing.

My next “big race” is the April Fools half marathon which I would like to run well at.  Last year, it was my final race before a break from burnout so it would be nice to have redemption there.  Until then, I’ll just focus on life, running, and recovery.  I’ll run a few 5ks before to keep sharp.

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Questions for you:

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  1. I love how practical your approach to running, training, and racing is. It’s so refreshing that you are such a talented runner but running is not the most important part of your life. Your willingness to take a day off or push back a hard workout is amazing – it’s clear how well you know your body and it’s probably a big part of why you are so successful! Congrats on your third win!!

  2. I’m running april fools for the first time this year (after reading the recc at Scootadoot last year!)- I’ll finish in double your time, but any race tips to offer? I know the weather has been shaky in past years, but certainly can’t change the weather LOL

  3. Congrats on your win at the Phillies race! I love how you do this one every year and it looks like a really fun one. I hope life calms down a bit for you and know how crazy busy it can be, and how that affects running.

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