Two Weeks of Training: Easy Miles Out West

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As most people know from Instagram, I was on vacation for nearly 2 weeks now.  The short story is I’ve had the time of my life.  A good friend and coworker always says: “The best part of vacation is always the few days leading into it.  The time you are most excited”.  You are anticipating how much fun you’ll have, etc.

That usually rings true for me.  Yet this was the most relaxed and fun vacation my husband and I have had.  We didn’t plan anything.  When we flew into Denver in late October, we had a rental car and that’s it.  No plans, no hotel confirmations, and no idea where it would take us.  Stay in Denver?  Go to Utah? To Boulder? To the Grand Canyon?

We did all of those things!  I have a lot of posts in the next month including running, hiking, and of course diners.

I’ll start with a training log post since that is easiest.

Week 1: 

Monday 10/23 Rest
Tuesday: 10/24 60 minutes in Denver
Wednesday: 10/25 90 minutes in Denver
Thursday: 10/26 60 minutes in Denver
Friday: 10/27 90 minutes easy with Angela
Saturday: 10/28 Haunted Half 5k (19:40)
Sunday: 10/29 60 minutes trails/soft surface

Week 2: 

Monday: 10/29 90 minutes Mount Carmel, Utah
Tuesday: 10/30 75 minutes Kanab, Utah
Wednesday: 10/31 60 minutes Cortez, Colorado
Thursday: 11/1 90 minutes Montrose
Friday: 11/2 90 minutes Colorado Springs
Saturday: 11/3 60 minutes Denver
Sunday: Rest

As you can see, I ran a lot and almost all was above 5000 feet elevation.  I didn’t worry about pace, time, or distance.  There were some runs that I averaged well above a 10 minute mile and that was okay.  The only speed work I did was running the 5k with Hungry Runner Girl.  I could have raced this weekend but didn’t sign up. That ended up being a good thing as a got food poisoning on the way home.  Plus, with six races last month, I needed a break,

I’m leaving the trip feeling healthy and with a stronger base.  My training log was relatively boring, I ran easy in a new spot.  We didn;t focus on mileage and pace because, at altitude, it’s very different than sea level.

For those who wondered, the vacation wasn’t to: “go out and run.”  My husband likes the west, and with a deployment coming up, he had some vacation time to use up.  We had such an enjoyable time, and I’m so thankful we were able to go out, relax, and just enjoy the company.

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Questions for you:
Have you taken a vacation recently?  Where too?
Where is your favorite spot to run?


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