Sam’s No. 3 Diner (Denver)

While in Denver, somewhere that came highly recommended to me (thanks, Danielle) was Sam’s No. 3 Diner…  It’s been on the Food Network and one of the few diners in Denver.  Since I was traveling, I did want to go at least one “out of state” diner.  Not that it matters.

Sam’s No. 3 Diner has three locations in downtown Denver, Glendale, and Aurora.  We happened to be near the Aurora location so opted to go there.

Sam’s No. 3 Diner Atmosphere: B
Sam’s No. 3 Diner is a half bar and half diner.  There is a massive bar in the center, which is cool and the rest has plenty of booths and tables.  It’s a very different atmosphere than anything in NJ (maybe closest to PBs Tap Room and Diner).  Not in the wrong way, just different.

Sam’s No. 3 Diner Service: B
Our waitress took a while to get to us and only came back a couple of times.  Even though the waitress didn’t come to our table as often, our food came out fast.

Sam’s No. 3 Diner Coffee: B
The coffee out west is different than back east.  At Sam’s No. 3 Diner, it was stronger, which wasn’t a bad thing.  They also have a full espresso bar and espresso drinks. I enjoyed the coffee.

Sams 3 denver colorado

Sam’s No. 3 Diner Food: A
Sam’s No. 3 Diner menu has many different options from breakfast to lunch and dinner. They all have of the regular diner favorites like scrambled eggs, tater tots, and gyro meat. One unique aspect of Sam’s No. 3 Diner menu is the multiple different Spanish dishes.  You don’t see that often at a diner!

A few unique Sam’s No. 3 Diner menu choices:

  • Kickin pork green
  • Kickin green chilis
  • flour tortilla and green chile
  • breakfast burrito and kitchen sink

I started with a Caesar salad which was good.  It was well dressed and I have no complaints.

Sams 3 denver colorado

Sams 3 denver colorado

Since it was unique, I decided to order the Carne Tacos (as indicated by the menu: “yumm”) with refried beans.  The tacos were good, and the refried beans were spicy.  I didn’t realize how big of a Spanish influence Denver had, but the food was excellent.

Sam’s No. 3 Diner Cost:: $
For the tacos plus coffee, the cost was $15.

Overall Summary/Would I Come Back Sam’s No. 3 Diner (Denver)?

I enjoyed Sam’s No. 3 Diner, and I would love to check out their other locations as well.

Atmosphere: B
Service: B
Coffee: B
Food: A
Cost: $
Overall: B

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Questions for you:
Do you like soft or hard tacos?
What is your favorite type of coffee?

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