Hiking Flagstaff Mountain in Boulder

I have so much to recap with my trip to Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico.  I believe it will take close to 10 blog posts because we did something every day.  We went to Colorado with no plan but two plane tickets and a rental car.  We thought it would be cool to make it to other states, but if we didn’t…we didn’t…

I decided it would be easiest to recap through days (so I didn’t forget too)

road trip through colorado

Hiking Flagstaff Mountain in Boulder: 

As most people know, my husband and I like to hike.  We try and hit a mountain wherever we are.  I won’t say I’m a fantastic hiker, but it’s something we both enjoy doing.  We found a shorter hike in Boulder which seemed like it would be fun.  The mountain, called Flagstaff Mountain, kept confusing us because of Flagstaff, Arizona…

After taking Flagstaff Road and Baseline Road, we found a spot at the bottom of Flagstaff Mountain (Boulder) and headed up.  A hiker informed us it was rocky, and I thought: “well I’ve seen some rocks hiking before, ” but the Rocky mountains are so different.  I had recently purchased a pair of Brooks Cascadia (trail shoes) and I’m glad I did.

I don’t think I would have made it up to Flagstaff Mountain without trail shoes.

hiking flagstaff mountain boulder

To get up Flagstaff Mountain (Boulder), we started on the Gregory Canyon trail and intersected with the Ute trail at Realization point.  Together, the Flagstaff Mountain hike itself was 2 miles up and 2 miles back.  My husband and I have done easier 10-mile hikes out east than this one.  It was climbing the entire time, but you were rewarded with good views the whole time.  He believes we climbed about 2000 feet of elevation to get to the summit of Flagstaff Mountain.  In two miles, that is a lot.

hiking flagstaff mountain boulder

Throughout the hike up Flagstaff Mountain (Boulder), there were plenty of excellent views of Colorado State University (which I tried just to absorb some running speed).

We first made it to the “realization point.”  Where I realized what a mistake I made hiking in Colorado (just kidding).  It is accessible by car as well if you wanted to drive and park up there. It’s a gorgeous view of Boulder!

Then we continued our hike up to the peak of Flagstaff Mountain (Boulder) which was gorgeous.  From the summit of Flagstaff Mountain, you could see more of the rocky mountains.

hiking flagstaff mountain boulder

While coming down Flagstaff Mountain, we saw a family hiking up.  Their 3-4-year-old daughter was hiking up what I considered one of the hardest mountains I’ve done.  I kept thinking: if this mountain baby can do it, so can I.

hiking flagstaff mountain boulder

The Flagstaff Mountain hike itself was moderate, and I don’t think without trail shoes I would have made it to the top.  I’ve hiked plenty of old running shoes but based on the rocks; I think trail shoes are necessary.

So far Flagstaff Mountain (Boulder) is one of my favorite hikes I’ve done.

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Questions for you:
What is your favorite hike?  Is there anywhere near you? 
Have you been to Flagstaff Mountain (Boulder)? 

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