Workouts: Easy Runs and RW Festival

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Last week was a great week for both training and running.  As many people know, the Runner’s World Festival in Bethlehem has become one of my favorite weekends.  I was lucky enough to be an influencer this year again and came up a day early and got to take a look at Runners World as well as listen to a few seminars.  I’ll blog about that more throughout the week though!

Monday:  Easy 45 minutes
Tuesday:  Easy 45 minutes
Wednesday:  Easy 90 minutes at Holmdel Park
Thursday:  Rest
Friday: 20 minutes with RW crew/40 mins PM
Saturday: Runners World 5k: 18:48+7 WU/CD
Sunday: Runners World 13.1+2 CD
Total: 50-54 miles



Week 8: 43-45 miles (2 workouts: 1 race/1 tempo)
Week 9: 41-43 miles (2 races)
Week 10: 50- 53 miles (13.1 miles workout)
Week 11: 44-47 miles (2 workouts: 1 race/1 tempo)

Week 12: 50-54 miles (2 workouts: 5k/13.1)

Easy Runs: 
The easy runs were just that, easy.  Friday we ran a shakeout run and were led by Suzanne A (who I’ve come to know well from my job at a local running store, as well as Runners World) and Ryan Hall.  The pace was relaxed, and I didn’t bring my Garmin.  It was a lot of fun just watching the sunrise over Bethlehem.

Runners World 5k: 18:48
Not my fastest course time, but as I mentioned last week, I didn’t feel as trained as last year.  That’s because I wasn’t!  It was, however, my highest finish at a Runners World race and I was second in the 5k.  You never know who will or won’t show up!

My splits were 6:18, 5:52, 6:01.  It accurately reflects the course, and the first mile is hilly, while the second mile has a few downhills. What I am most proud of is my kick, that I ran the last .1 at 5:49 pace.  If you followed my blog through the Spring, you know I have the worlds worst kick.  I gave up several overall places because I don’t have “it” in the last strides of a race.  I’ve been working more on fast finishes which helped and I was second overall.

What else happened during this race?  During mile 1: I was passed by none other than Hanna and Ryan Hall.  Hanna went on to win but having the US record holder in the marathon pass you in sweatpants is a running moment I’ll never forget.  HA!

Runners World 13.1: 1:24.52
I have so much to say about this race but it merits it’s own race recap.  I had a great race and was second overall.  I was surprised with how “good” I felt after racing a 5k the day before.  While I ran faster last year, I was also in better shape.

I actually ran with a pack of about 6 women for nearly 10 miles.  It was kind of crazy and cool, as I’ve never done that before.

In all, I’m happy with how everything went last week.  I had such a great time at the Runners World Festival and a good week of training.

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Questions for you:
Have you met a famous/elite athlete before?
What is one of your favorite races?

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  1. I absolutely loved following all the action at the RW festival though your posts this past weekend! Congrats and how incredibly awesome to run “with” the Halls!!!! Cannot wait for the full recap…

  2. Solid week, heart! I’ve been dying to try a 5K-half kind of weekend. Hmmm…

    I’ve met/run with Bart Yasso several times — I figure that’s as good as it gets.
    Fave races = Statesman Capitol 10K, Austin (Livestrong) Half Marathon, Chicago Marathon. <3

  3. I feel like those Runner’s World weekend are always filled with “pinch me” moments!!! Congrats on placing! You are my speed hero!!

  4. I wish we had more time to hang out this weekend-I guess we’ll have to hit a diner when I’m up for the Philly marathon in a few weeks? I was so stoked to hear that you placed in the 5K and half group. When they did the awards after the half I tried to snap a few pics and was like “I KNOW HER!!!!”, haha. Cheers, lady!

  5. I am in awe of that speed!! Awesome work on BOTH races! And it was fun to hang out with you Thursday night and Friday. Congrats on an impressive weekend!

  6. Congrats on a great weekend of racing and some easy running too- you’re having a great comeback and I hope you’re recovering well from the double races. I’ve never done a 5K followed by a half, but I bet it’s a real challenge. Neat that you got to meet the Hall’s too!

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