Workouts: 5ks and Tempos

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Training last week continued to progress well.  I recovered moderately well from the Air Force Half and was able to get in both a race and a workout over the weekend.

My next bigger race is the Runners World Festival 5k and 13.1.  While I could add the 10k and complete the hat trick, I’m too injury prone for that to be a smart idea.  The 5k and 13.1 has worked well in previous years, so like running shoes if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

Monday: Easy 30 minutes
Tuesday: Easy 30 minutes/core
Wednesday: Easy 45 minutes/core
Thursday: OFF
Friday: Easy 60 minutes
Saturday: 5k (18:59.8) Total miles: 8
Sunday: 6.5 mile tempo (average 7:03 pace) total miles: 14/core

Total: 43-45


My easy runs were just that, easy and recovery.  I don’t have anything to note about them, but boring isn’t a bad thing.

Saturday: Cherry Hill Book It 5k (18:59.8)

There were several 5ks in the area but to be honest, I didn’t make a decision to do any of them until Friday.  I ran by myself for the week, so I was kind of getting tired of it.  I knew I was going to run before work anyway and thought a hard effort would be good.  Plus, I use the Cherry Hill Library periodically (get it…).  I ended up taking over the lead around halfway and never looking back.  I’m happy with how the race went, I didn’t feel loose or fresh but I shouldn’t a week after my long run either.

Sunday: 2 mile warmup/6.5 mile tempo (7:03 average)/5.5 cool down

As I mentioned on Instagram, my next big race is the Runners World Festival where I’ll run the 5k and 13.1.  I’ll do a few 5ks before, but I’ll taper down for the Festival.  That being said, I need to train my body to race back to back days.  Last year around this time, I trained similarly, and it was when I felt the fittest.  7:03 is far from where I would like to be, but the first workout is always humbling.

Week 1: 31-33 miles
Week 2: 33-35 miles
Week 3: 33-35 miles (1 workout)
Week 4: 35-37 miles (1 workout)
Week 5: 29-31 miles
Week 6: 45 miles (1 workout)
Week 7: 40 miles (13.1 miles workout)
Week 8: 43-45 miles (2 workouts: 1 race/1 tempo)

I’m happy with my progression, I do believe it’s going well.  

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Questions for you:
Have you run multiple races in a weekend? 
When I’m fit, I seem to have some of my best races while doing 2 races in a weekend and running easy the rest of the week.  I’m not there just yet.
What was your best workout last week?


  1. Here’s a question… do you think working with a coach actually hindered your progress? I found that to be true for myself, maybe because I’m a self-motivated runner I never needed a coach to tell me to push harder. I’ve always gotten injured with coaching because I ignore body cues to fulfill ‘the workout.’ It seems like you train better this way, too, but I’d love to hear your comments. I don’t mean to imply you should knock your specific coach, just the dynamic of coaching in general–perhaps particularly long distance coaching via the internet.

    1. Personally I do think working alone is a better fit for me. Due to schedules, I can’t commit to doing certain runs on certain days or planning a 7 day or 10 day schedule. My previous coach works for many people, however, I think I thrive better on working alone or having someone local as well.

  2. Congratulations on a great week of training and race! I’m glad your comeback to running is going well, and hope you have a good recovery so you can do the double races this weekend. I’ve never raced and then raced again the next day, but I have done two races in the same day before (one was an event that let you do both).

  3. Congrats on the 5k and the great workout!! I’ve never ran back to back races but it seems like it would be fun (in that “I like pain” sort of way).

    I always enjoy your training logs! Thanks for sharing! If you ever get into coaching I’ll be the first to sign up;) you would be great!

    1. I appreciate that Megan! While I did take the coaching certification, way back when I don’t think I would be a very good coach. If you ever do need a few recommendations, just let me know!

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