Crystal Diner (Edgewater Park)

Crystal Diner (Edgewater Park)

Recently I stopped by the Crystal Diner in Edgewater Park, NJ.  The Crystal Diner has recently gone through a management change including a new name, and since I needed a new diner, it made it an easy pick.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, as it was new.  I had driven by before when it was under an it’s old name and it looked like a decent diner, smaller but not bad.

Atmosphere: B
There is nothing about the exterior that screams diner.  It’s a normal cobblestone building.

The interior is smaller with several booths and a full-length bar. It is the stereotypical, small diner, but you would never know from the outside! It’s a clean restaurant but it’s not a big, shiny, building and with so many chrome diners along the same road, it doesn’t stand out.

Coffee: A
The coffee was brewed fresh, and the waitress made sure it was refilled.  It was the local Lacas blend, and I have no complaints.

Crystal Diner Edgewater Park

Service: B
The waitress was either young or new, but she was extremely enthusiastic.  She was friendly, came to our table often, and made sure food came out quickly.  Even though she was new and intense, she was friendly, and everything came out quickly.

Food: C
The Crystal Diner has everything a Jersey diner usually does: breakfast, lunch, and many different options from steak to seafood.

I noticed they had a hummus appetizer and we decided to order that to start.  I overheard the manager telling our waitress they no longer serve it, so I guess they haven’t changed the menus from the old diner.

The meal came with cheesy bread which was good.  Any diner with a cheesy bread basket already starts off on the right foot.

Crystal Diner Edgewater Park

I ordered a burger which came with fries.  The burger was average, nothing unique or unusual but nothing bad either.  It was average.  The French fries were from the frozen food aisle. Crystal Diner Edgewater Park

In all, my meal was extremely average.  Not the worst, not the best.

Cost: $
For my coffee and meal, the cost was $11 which was about normal.

Summary/Would I come back?

The Crystal Diner isn’t a bad option and has a lot of different options.  It’s not my favorite local diner, but not my least favorite either.  As I mentioned, it’s another NJ diner.  The waitress was definitely better than average though.

Atmosphere: B
Coffee: B
Service: A
Food: C
Overall: B

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Questions for you:

Have you been to a new, reopened restaurant lately?

What is your favorite bread basket bread?


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  1. Those fries are definitely Ore-Ida steak fries. I know from experience, as we eat a ton of frozen fries. It really stinks that you ordered hummus and they no longer have it. I understand that restaurants go through changes, but unless they run out or the name/management/menu change happened say, yesterday, it’s not cool to still list it.

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