Who Cares Where You Run?

Who cares where you run

Like anything in the world, many people, including myself, are guilty of the comparison trap.  Now that social media is everywhere; it has become much easier to compare. Lately, it seems like people care most where you run…but seriously, who cares where you run?

Who cares where you run

The constant weather and hurricane season changes caused me to think of justifying where or when you’re running.

My mentality for running is simple: Run Where You’re Most Happy.

Who cares where you run?

Do what makes you happiest, whether you like running in the morning, night, inside, or outside.  As long as you’re happy, you’re a “real runner,” but alas, a post for another day.

The weather got me about justifying yourself.  Before social media, it was challenging to compare yourself to others.

If you wanted to run on the treadmill…fine…

If you wanted to run outside…fine.  

There wasn’t a “which one is better” or “you aren’t a real runner if you run inside” type of mentality. Technology and social media have changed everything.

We didn’t go for a run and immediately upload it to whatever social media website preference.  I am as guilty as anyone for doing this.  I post my training logs weekly, I post photos on Instagram or Strava, and I love a good race recap.

It is much easier to fall into the comparison trap with social media. We often think people care more than they do. The realize is who cares where run?

Seriously Who Cares Where You Run?

Who cares if you run inside or outside?  At least you are getting out there doing your thing. Personally, I hate running outside in pouring, freezing rain.  It’s miserable, I look a mess, and honestly, it’s just not fun. There are many days I choose the treadmill, “just because”. There is no need to justify why. The treadmill is a tool, and for some people, it’s their way they can log the miles.

To those who think the only running is outside…that is false.

To those who think the only race out there is the marathon…also false.

To those who think there is no reason ever to run inside…

LOLZ, sorry, running in the 35-degree rain is not fun.  I spent the better part of 2015 and 2016 racing in those conditions, which was not pleasant. I had enough of that during racing so who cares where I run during training?

I love shamrock…but the weather no

Running in hail is not fun.

Running in 120-degree weather is not fun.

Running in fire season is not fun (and extremely bad for your lungs). 

Or what if you are short on time and want to catch up on your favorite TV show and fit a run in?  I think that’s better than sitting on your couch catching up on TV?

Some people are not comfortable running outside, and it’s essential (for others) to realize that people do what they are comfortable.  Safety should always be a runner’s number 1 priority. So who cares where you run as long as you’re safe.

Finally, even elites athletes use all sorts of methods for their training.  Some elites love the treadmill, high mileage, or low mileage.  We do what makes us happy and what is best for our personal needs. No one cares where they run!


Life is too short to do something that makes you miserable.  Running outside in the rain is miserable, and I feel no need to justify that to anyone. Who cares where you run and if you prefer outside, great! If you prefer inside, equally as great.

Social media will always cause us to compare.  It’s something tough to avoid in our modern-day world.  My point is not to put others down because of where and how they choose to run.

We are all one giant community of runners and human beings.  Running and comparison shouldn’t be part of your stress. So who cares where you run as long as it makes you happy and you feel good.

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Questions for you:
Where is your favorite place to run?
What are you thinking about today?


  1. I’m with you on the “life is too short ….” Sometimes I feel like running in the rain. Sometimes I feel like pounding it out on the treadmill.

  2. THIS. YES. I swear I have had more people comment on how I “really shouldn’t be training so much on the treadmill” and asking me why I do it. I’ve been wanting to post about this for a while! My reasons are mine, why do I have to explain them to a stranger? Also, just because you only see the runs I do on the treadmill does not mean I’m not going outside too! I just don’t feel it necessary to document every single run on social media. Thank you!

  3. I totally agree that life boils down to whatever makes you happy. I personally can only run on a treadmill, and even then I usually powerwalk instead. What’s on my mind is getting ready for my shift as an RN at our busy hospital…I’d rather be running. 🙂

  4. So easy to fall into the comparison trap with social media. I feel so accomplished after any run, but feel discouraged if I read about someone running a lot more than me. But in the end my runs make me happy, and you’re right, that’s all that matters.

  5. Great topic. When I see people run weather it casual or elite runner .im just glad to see them run. Such good exercise.
    For a while I got caught up into serious training I realize why I am running …now after my surgery, I realize i ran because I love to run.
    Happy running hollie
    Keep the blogs and post coming, many of us love to read them.

  6. Yup I get a lot of people who think it’s weird I love the treadmill. But I just love having the ability to run anytime, I love the trails and the roads and wherever!

  7. I think social media has done this to so many parts of life. Why do we care what everyone else is doing or thinking so much now?

    I let this have too much effect on too many aspects of my life but I feel like when it comes to running I am better at reminding myself that none of that matters.

  8. Hollie, I haven’t had time to read your posts in a while. I just opened and read this one though, and it is just a great reminder of why I like you (though we’ve never met in person, ha!).

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