Brooks Glycerin 15 Shoe Review

Brook glycerin 15 shoe review

Brooks Glycerin 15 Shoe Review:

For the past year, the Brooks Glycerin has been one of my favorite shoes.  I ran in the Brooks Glycerin 14 and am currently running in the Brooks Glycerin 15. Spoiler: The Brooks Glycerin is 15 is just as good, if not better than the Brooks Glycerin 14.

A common question I receive both at work and on this blog, is do you like the Brooks Glycerin or Brooks Ghost better?

Brook glycerin 15 shoe review

My answer is: I wish I could take the fit of the Brooks Ghost (it’s wider) and have the cushion the Glycerin.  Both have their positives and negatives and I like both shoes about the same.

In short, the Glycerin is the most cushioned shoe from Brooks.  Whether you are running 100 miles or walking 1, the Brooks Glycerin is going to provide a soft and well-cushioned ride.

Brooks is not paying me to review their shoes and I’m not a Brooks ambassador.

Brooks Glycerin 15 Fit:

One major update from the Brooks Glycerin 14 to the Brooks Glycerin 15 is the redesigned upper and plush fit.  There are fewer seams and it is a bit wider.  Without the seams, the Brooks Glycerin 15 fits many more people with bunions or people that have fuller toe boxes (like myself).

The upper surrounds and supports the foot. The wider toebox and 3D stretch print saddle update is welcomed from the Brooks Glycerin 14.  The generation 3D print technology adds design to the Glycerin without extra weight. The size and fit of the Brooks Glycerin 15 is similar to previous versions.

Brook glycerin 15 shoe review

The redesigned air mesh upper of the Brooks Glycerin 15 is positive and you’ll have a lot more room for your toes to spread out.   Fit wise, I wore a 10 wide in the Brooks Glycerin 14 and I still wear a 10 wide in the Brooks Glycerin 15.  My feet have much more room and they are happier.

Brooks Glycerin 15 Ride:

The ride of the Brooks Glycerin 15 is very similar to the previous model.  To me, it feels almost identical in a good way.  You don’t have to worry, “the shoe update has changed,” and it won’t work for you.  It still has a very high cushioned and soft feel. The effortless ride together with the midsole cushion crash pads make for a smooth heel to toe transition. I appreciate how the crash pad creates soft, smooth, and a plush transition zone.

The Glycerin Line Itself: If you’ve never worn the Brooks Glycerin, it’s a very high cushioned, soft, shoe.  There is a lot of cushioning throughout the shoe, but it’s not heavy or bulky either.  A major reason I like it is the amount of forefront cushioning.

me running brooks glycerin 15

Brooks Glycerin 15 Conclusions:

The Brooks Glycerin 15 is a substantial update from the Glycerin 14.  There isn’t anything too crazy changed, so you won’t feel as though it’s a brand new shoe.  Let’s be honest; minimal changes in the running shoe world are a good thing.  With the amount of cushion in the Brooks Glycerin 15, it’s a personal favorite of mine.

Current Rotation:
Brooks Ghost 10
Hoka Bondi 5
Saucony Freedom
Brooks Glycerin 15

Questions for you:

Have you run in the Brooks Glycerin 15?

What is your favorite running shoe?


  1. I’ve never worn this shoe, but I’ve noticed this year that Brooks has gotten rid of a lot of the seams and overlays they used to have. The newer models of the Ghost and the Glycerin “look” more like the Launch. I’m glad the update is a good one because shoe updates always make me and everyone nervous.

  2. I recently retired me Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15/16 (I can’t remember) and got fitted into the 17’s of the same model. I still consider myself new to the running world so they’re the only style of shoe I’ve been in and I love them. I have a wider foot and this allows the extra room I need. Just into my second week of training (first week in the new shoes) for a 15K in October.

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