Workouts: Uncomfortable Zone Week 2

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I’m in the uncomfortable zone part 2…

Last week, I opened my training blog that I was uncomfortable with running and this week I feel the same.

I mean being uncomfortable in the best way possible.  I’m slowly starting to feel good with running. Of course, I don’t want to jynx myself, but I’m starting to regain confidence.

I haven’t picked out any goal races but have picked out a few races in the future I might sign up for.  Of course, two weeks hardly justifies ready for anything.  I don’t expect to PR for several months, but each race will serve their purpose as a workout towards future goals.  Two years ago, I raced my way into shape and enjoyed that concept.  It led me to my still standing, Carlsbad half marathon PR.

Moving forward, this week I felt mentally good.  Physically, my calves have been noticeably tighter in the last week, and I’ve tried to make time to see my PT/ART specialist: Dr. Kemonosh (and no, they are not paying me to say that).

Monday: 45 minutes easy/15 minutes core
Tuesday: 45 minutes easy
Wednesday: 45 minutes easy
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 45 minutes easy/ART Dr. Kemonosh
Saturday: 45 minutes easy/15 minutes core
Sunday: 70 minutes easy (8.5 miles)

Between: 33-35

Obviously, this is a quite boring training log.  I’m not going on pace, time, or even distance.  I’m not doing workouts and didn’t race. I would rather be boring and healthy versus exciting and injured.  Not that you can’t be interesting and healthy, however, building mileage is usually boring.

Getting back from April has been a slow progression with running.  This has been the first time I’ve attempted to really come back from a break and not felt good.  It’s also the first break I’ve had not related to an injury.  Typically coming back from any injury, when I begin running, I feel great.  This hasn’t been the case.  It’s taken a lot longer to adjust to running and I’m still adjusting.


Week 1: 31-33 miles

Week 2: 33-35 miles

Other than that, not too much going on with training.  Life itself has been going well.  I’m still busy with work, but that will slow down soon as a couple of projects I’m working on finish up in the next couple of weeks.  As that slows down, my Running Store job will pick up with cross country, marathons, and fall training.  It will still open up some morning time to run as well.

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Questions for you:

Do you normally follow the 10% rule when building mileage?

How long does it usually take you to get back into shape?

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  1. I didn’t follow the 10% rule when increasing mileage. I feel like it’s a little conservative… but it really depends on why you’re increasing mileage, too. If you just took a short break, you might be okay increasing a little faster but if you were injured you might want to be a little more conservative. It’s really up to the person. I don’t think there’s necessarily a right way to increase… there are obviously wrong ways… but you know your body because you live in it and we don’t. So, trust yourself :).

    I think you had a good week of training personally. You ran 6 days, took a rest day, and did some cross training. Looks awesome to me. I hope you have a great week this week too!

  2. My training logs are super boring lately but I feel good on my runs, which is more important! I’m happy to read you’re slipping into “uncomfortable” but on the edge of “good.” You will be there soon I’m sure 🙂

  3. Sometimes I feel like it takes me longer mentally to get back into a workout routine than it does physically. I’m glad you’re feeling like you’re getting back in the groove!

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