Saucony Triumph ISO 5 Shoe Review

The Saucony Triumph ISO 5 is a high cushioned neutral trainer from Saucony. More cushion than the Saucony Ride ISO. I’ve run in several models of the Saucony Triumph ISO, with my favorite being the first.  The Triumph is a high cushioned, but lightweight trainer.

I’ve typically had a version of the Triumph in my rotation but recently moved towards the Ride.  For the last year, the Ride has felt better to me personally. When it was released, I was eager to see how the Triumph felt.

saucony triumph iso 5 shoe review


The Saucony Triumph ISO has run short for several versions, but this year it runs true to size. I typically wear a women’s 10-11 wide, and 10.5 has been great.

Like many Saucony shoes, the Saucony Triumph ISO 5 uses Saucony’s ISO Fit upper. What ISO Fit? It helps to lock in your foot while moving and adapting throughout the run. It can also fit more feet; whether you have bunions, narrow feet, or full but don’t worry, the shoe also comes in wide.

The second update to the Triumph upper includes a “Jacquard” engineered mesh. According to Saucony, this helps to accommodate more foot types (with the updated ISO  fit, it does).  The jacquard mesh is basically fancy mesh.

saucony triumph iso 5 shoe review


New for this version, Saucony added 2mm of EVERUN Topsole cushioning.   There is supposedly more energy return than ever before. The topsole is on top of the Everrun, so the shoe feels more cushioned and more energetic.

Something to note is the grip is much better than previous versions too.  I’ve run in the downpouring rain, and the traction has been fine.

The Saucony Triumph ISO 5 feels closer the original ISO 1 than ever before. Maybe I’m just reminiscing on the shoe, but it finally feels like Saucony put more into the again. For the past few generations, it’s taken a backseat to the Freedom or even the Ride.

saucony triumph iso 5 shoe review

I’ve run about 100 miles in the shoe (long runs, easy runs, workouts) and for me, it’s best fit as a daily trainer or long run.


I like the Saucony Triumph, and I think the Saucony Triumph ISO 5 is the best it’s been since the first version. I’ll continue running it.

Current Rotation:

Easy Runs: Brooks Glycerin 16, Brooks Ghost 11, Hoka One One Cavu

Workouts: Nike LT Streak, Nike Zoom Fly

Races: Nike LT Streak

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Questions for you:

What is your current favorite pair of running shoes? 

Have you run in Saucony before? 


Four Seasons Diner (Mayfair, Pa)

Four Seasons Diner (Mayfair, Pa)

Recently I went to the Four Seasons Diner in Mayfair, Pa.  I was in the area, and I’ve heard the Four Seasons Diner is excellent. After going to diners for almost 4 years, the closest diners I haven’t been too are in Pa or even De.  (Which to be fair, Pa is only 15 minutes from my house, and Delaware is 30 minutes).

Four seasons diner mayfair pa

Anyway, I arrived at the Four Seasons Diner around dinner time. There was plenty of parking, and it wasn’t too crowded. My party and I quickly got a booth.

Atmosphere: A
The outside is one long building next to a McDonalds with plenty of parking. The inside is lit up with neon signs. There are many booths, tables, and appeared a bar as well.  I appreciated that the booths were very personal and you weren’t sitting on top of anyone.  There was also a large salad bar in the back.

Four seasons diner mayfair pa

How many diners do you know with a fish tank? I think in the 250+ I’ve been too, I’ve seen a fish tank 5 times at most.

Four seasons diner mayfair pa

Coffee: B
The coffee was excellent and the waiter refilled it often. There wasn’t anything unique or unusual about it but it was good.

Four seasons diner mayfair pa

Food: A
The Four Seasons Diner has every option you could want or need. There were even some unique options I’ve never seen at a diner before like creole! I can appreciate a restaurant with a salad bar too. I was in a pork chop mood so I ordered that. It came with an overwhelming amount of food.  I had run that day but still found myself unable to finish everything.

I started with the matzah ball soup and salad bar.  The soup was good and I rarely see matzah ball soup have strips of chicken in it too.

Four seasons diner mayfair pa

The salad bar had a lot of options. It’s one of the better salad bars I’ve seen. There were several different kinds of greens, the usual salad toppings, three bean salad, beets, artichoke hearts, marinated mushrooms and pickled vegetables, cornbread, and even grape leaves.  You can tell I like beets, artichokes, and Italian dressing.

Four seasons diner mayfair pa

My entrée came with pork chops, applesauce, and a baked potato. The pork chops were cooked well, and they weren’t too rubbery. They were some of the better diner pork chops I’ve had. The applesauce and baked potato were typical of a baked potato and nothing unusual about them.

Four seasons diner mayfair pa

Service: A
Our waiter was one of the most friendly waiters we’ve had.  He refilled our beverages often, plus our food came out fast. I couldn’t have asked for better service.

Cost:  $
For my meal and coffee, it was $15.  That is a lot of food.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back?
I enjoyed the Four Seasons Diner, and if I’m in the area again, I’ve be back. I was surprised by how great the food was and it’s one of my more favorite diners in the Philadelphia area.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: B
Food: A
Service: A
Cost: $8-15
Overall: A 

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Questions for you:
What is your favorite salad bar option?
Do you like pork chops?

Brooks Glycerin 15 Shoe Review

Brooks Glycerin 15 Shoe Review

For the past year, the Brooks Glycerin has been one of my personal favorite shoes.  I ran in the Brooks Glycerin 14 and am currently running in the Glycerin 15. Spoiler: The Brooks Glycerin is 15 is just as good, if not better, than the Brooks Glycerin 14.

A common question I recieve both at work and on this blog, is do you like the Brooks Glycerin or Brooks Ghost better?

Brook glycerin 15 shoe review

My answer is: I wish I could take the fit of the Brooks Ghost (it’s wider) and have the cushion the Glycerin.  Both have their positives and negatives and I like both shoes about the same.

In short, the Glycerin is the most cushioned shoe from Brooks.  Whether you are running 100 miles or walking 1, it’s going to provide a soft and well cushioned ride.

Brooks is not paying me to review their shoes and I’m not a Brooks ambassador.


One major update from the Brooks Glycerin 14 to the Glycerin 15 is the redesigned upper.  There are less seams and it is a bit wider.  Without the seams, the Glycerin fits many more people with bunions or people that have fuller toe boxes (like myself). The wider toebox update is welcomed from the Glyercin 14.

Brook glycerin 15 shoe review

The redesigned upper is positive and you’ll have a lot more room for your toes to spread out.   Fit wise, I wore a 10 wide in the Brooks Glycerin 14 and I still wear a 10 wide in the Brooks Glycerin 15.  My feet have much more room and they are happier.


The ride of the actual shoe is very similar to the previous model.  To me, it feels almost identical in a good way.  You don’t have to worry “the shoe update has changed” and it won’t work for you.  It still has a very high cushioned and soft feel.

The Glycerin Line Itself: If you’ve never worn the Glycerin, it’s a very high cushioned, soft, shoe.  There is a lot of cushioning throughout the shoe but it’s not heavy or bulky either.  A major reason I like it, is the amount of forefront cushioning.

me running brooks glycerin 15

Brooks Glycerin 15 Conclusions

The Glycerin 15 is a solid update from the Glycerin 14.  There isn’t anything too crazy changed, so you won’t feel as though it’s a brand new shoe.  Let’s be honest, minimal changes in the running shoe world are a good thing.  With the amount of cushion, it’s a personal favorite of mine.

Current Rotation:
Brooks Ghost 10
Hoka Bondi 5
Saucony Freedom
Brooks Glycerin 15

Questions for you:

Have you run in the Brooks Glycerin?

What is your favorite running shoe?

Fall Products I’m Enjoying

I realized that I never did any late Spring or Summer “products I am currently ling” post.

I am nosy and enjoy reading what other people like.  None of these products are sponsored and I’m not being paid to let you know about them.

As I have gotten back into running, there are several running related as well as life-related products I have enjoyed.

Running Shoes: 

None of these should come as a surprise because I do shoe reviews of models I’m running in. Each of these shoes I’ve liked and put over 300 miles in now.  I liked the Hoka Clifton 3 enough to retire the first pair and buy another.

Saucony Zealot ISO 2 Shoe Review

Hoka Clifton 3 
Brooks Launch 3
Saucony Zealot ISO 2
Nike LunarGlide 9 (review to come)



Coincidentally, We have also brought Janji to work.  Recently I tried this light weight top.  I love the sleeve details and it’s light weight and fits well.

Janji also sends 10% of their sales earned to the clean water.  I like companies that have a back story.
running janji


I’ve written many posts about various products that I like from Saucony.  Including shoes like the Saucony Triumph, Zealot, and Ride.

Working in running retail, I see the evolution of brands and brand design.  They’ve always had great shoes but they’ve upped their game on apparel too.  I love their fashion forward trends including the Life on the Run collection.  You can tell because I’ve hiked in this tank top every time.

Delaware Water Gap

As we draw more into fall and winter, I’m sure I’ll stumble upon new products and gear to add to the list.

Questions for you:

What gear are you currently enjoying?

What nonrunning things are you enjoying? 

Wedding Gifts

I was given an extremely awesome opportunity to review some products from Uncommon Goods.

They originally contacted me to review a product for a Mother’s Day post.  There are plenty of Mother’s Day Gifts to choose from too! I am extremely close with my mom.  My mom planned  95% of the wedding and without her it would not have been as successful.

my parents

my parents

I was browsing Uncommon Goods and found a lot of cute things I loved.  It’s a very cute, interesting and unique website and I immediately found a lot of gifts I liked for both family and friends.

However, something struck me as a great wedding gift.  Before they contacted me, I was struggling with finding appropriate wedding gifts.  I’m extremely close with my parents but we aren’t the sentimental, emotional type of family.  We are the funny and gag gift type of family.  It always makes birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas extremely difficult.

One of the hardest parts of the wedding was trying to figure out what I wanted to give my parents.  An emotional wedding gift would feel forced and not the tone of our family.

 I love the “What I Love About You Series”.  I choose these to use these as part of a wedding gift set for both my parents and the groom. 

In a way, the books remind me of sentimental mad lips.  You fill in the blanks of various and sentimental topics.  For example a line in the book is: I love the way you ________ or I love that you love _________.

You can be as funny or as serious as you want.  Obviously my blog is titled “Fueledbylolz” and I get my sense of humor from my parents…so you can see where mine personal books went.

My family can share the humor together…another person can make them very emotional and heart felt.  They are very personal and you can fill them out for your personal needs.  Each book is filled with 50 pages to fill out.  I think it’s the perfect length without feeling overbearing or tired.  I would 100% recommend them to anyone.

what I love about you books

I really like a lot of their products and have since gone to buy a few more items.  Thank you Uncommon Goods for reaching out and contacting me.  There are quite a few products I like for my friends and family (as well as myself…like this scarf).

Question for you: Are you close with your parents?

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