Training: April

It’s hard to believe April has already flown by.  Regarding running, April started off ok then progressively went downhill, and ended up that needed and wanted a full break from running.

april fools half marathon atlantic city me running

Miles Run: 228
Range of Paces: 5:54-10:04-untimed
Races: 3
Workouts: 4
Rest Days: 9 (and counting)
Longest Run: Atlantic City Half Marathon
Shortest Run: 2 miles 

Phillies 5k (18:32)
Clean Air 5kish
April Fools Half Marathon (1:26.17)

Favorite Race:
Phillies 5k
phillies 5k win

Favorite Workout:

The month of April started off well.  Even though I didn’t PR at the Phillies 5k, I ran moderately well.  It was by far my favorite race.

As the month continued, I became more and more burnt out from running.  It wasn’t just April that burnt me out but training over the last 6.  After Atlantic City on April 23rd, I decided to take rest and rebuild my mental attitude.  I don’t hate running, but I wasn’t enjoying it as much, and I never broke through my plateau.

Thanks to my friend Paul for these photos

I don’t know what May will bring.  I hope I’ll be ready to run again.  While I haven’t run or really worked out since last weekend but I do plan to do more cross training and get back to the gym.

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Questions for you:

How was your month of training?

What is your favorite cross training activity?


  1. I’m interested to see what happens with you since I’m also in a funk. Although I find that running is my happy place right now over cycling and swimming. It’s all hard mentally and physically so I’m glad you’re taking the time off to re-group – – whatever that means. Sending you a big HUG and lots of coffee 🙂

  2. *hugs* I know the last few weeks have been really rough for you and I hope things improve. I think you’re smart to take a break before you get completely burnt out or injured. You still had some good races this month and I always love the pics of you from the phillies race.

  3. I LOVE the elliptical. I can put my book on the machine and read and get a great workout – speed up for intervals, crank up the resistance for a slow, muscle burning routine. My gym has about 4 different elliptical-types so I’ll do a different one each day to use slightly different muscles.
    Good luck on getting some mojo back!

  4. I’m cheering for you, lady. You’re one of my favorite runners out there. Breaks are good. I started doing a TRX class and that revitalized my running outlook. Hope you find your happy place!!

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