The “I Didn’t Workout” Training Post

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I didn’t train last week.  In fact, the only workout I did was go to the gym once and use the elliptical.  Truth be told, after the April Fools half marathon last weekend, I was (and still am) burnt out.  I had no interest in running last week and didn’t.  Heck, I might not even run this week.

The Broad Street 10 Miler is next Sunday, and it might be my next run back.  If I run (which for me is only 50/50 now), my only goal is to finish and enjoy myself doing so.  Having fun won’t be too difficult since both my parents and my inlaws are coming to visit.

So with that, this training post is one of the most boring I’ve ever written! 

Last year around this time, I wrote a post about taking rest and burnout.  That is relevant to me today and still where I am at.

As I mentioned last year, The idea of rest isn’t new, unusual, or life changing.  It’s important for every single runner, new or old, elite or not, to take rest.

I’m on week 2 of resting now (the end to be determined).  My ultimate goal is to start a new training cycle both physically and mentally happy.  I want to wake up excited to run again, not say “ugh I have to run”.

Here is a list of things I told myself I might accomplish during my rest week:

  • Spring Cleaning
  • Sort old Race Tshirts and mail them to Project Repat for a Quilt
  • Find a few new gym classes to consider

Here are Things I Actually Did:

  • I actually cleaned my kitchen (that was last Monday, and it needs to be cleaned again now)
  • Drank a lot of coffee and relaxed on the internet
  • Went to the gym once and live tweeted a man chugging an energy drink before his workout

So that is where I’m at this week!  PS: Happy May 1st!

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Questions for you:
Do you ever take rest weeks?
When was the last time you felt burnt out?

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  1. It’s so important to have these recovery phases! I’m taking this full week off after yesterday’s half…and it may extend to two as well. I know when I start back I’ll likely go from there into fall marathon training so I want to make the most of this time to recover well and find all the mojo!

  2. I know you think it’s a boring post, but it’s just what I needed! i’ve been super burnt out recently and that’s resulted in me getting sick… so I’m sat in a cafe chilling on the internet and just trying to feel better about the fact that I can’t work out, no matter how much I want to… !

  3. I definitely know that feeling of burnout. But it’s good you can use this time to rest. Sometimes it really helps, and you can come back feeling stronger than ever!

  4. First of all, I love the live tweet of the energy chug 🙂 LOL!!! And yes, as you know I’m in a similar funk and it’s no fun. I have to say I had a great ride/run over the weekend and I’m meeting with my coach on Wednesday so hoping for a change in mood very soon. But, I think both of us are doing the right thing by not forcing workouts and just doing what we want right now. #thistooshallpass

  5. I don’t think your post is boring :).

    So, I don’t really take scheduled down time. I only take unscheduled downtime when I’m injured but that seems to happen a lot. I do occasionally take “cutback weeks” of course, when I’m training… but it’s been awhile since I’ve done that because it’s been awhile since I’ve trained, lol. I just focused on enjoying each run in April, and I think that was a good plan.

    Still, I can see where maybe a week off after a half marathon would be good for you because you ran a lot of races and were training very hard. You know your body AND your mind and if you are feeling burnt out. You have years of running ahead of you too, and so many more races and chances for success. I hope the break will do you good.

  6. I’m glad you’re listening to what your body and mind are telling you and taking some time off. That can be a tough thing to do, especially when you have goals you are working towards, but I think you’re making the right call!

  7. Sometimes these kinds of weeks are necessary. Sometimes you need a lot of those weeks! 🙂 Totally ok to listen to your body!

  8. I entertain the idea of rest weeks which usually turn in to rest days. In regards to burnout I can’t say I’ve experienced the feeling yet. Hope to see you back on the roads refreshed soon.

  9. Hey, no worries about the rest period. I can certainly relate. It’s like anything in life. Often, time away makes us stronger physically and mentally. You’ll be ready for Broad Street and happy to be competing. Good luck!

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