Training last Week: Travel and 5k (18:42)

me running sunrise

Training last week clicked off well. I ran what I needed to and got the mileage in.  I don’t have any complaints about the week.

Monday: Easy 60 minutes (9:20 pace) Core
Tuesday: Easy 7 miles (8:40)
Wednesday: Workout Core
Thursday: Easy 60 minutes (9:05 pace)
Friday: Easy 60 minutes Core
Saturday: Workout: Polar Bear 5k (18:42)
Sunday Easy Mercedes Course Preview
Total: 59  miles

Easy Runs:

My easy runs were slower than usual last week but it was also humid. Most of the days last week were either running in 100% humidity or the rain. I didn’t feel bad or injured, but the heat change was noticeable.

Wednesdays Workout:
4X60 seconds (average 6:00)
1X10 minutes (6:33)
1X3 minutes (5:56)
4X60 seconds (average 6:10)

The workout was definetely different and a nice change. Something I do like about my coach is that he doesn’t give the same workouts weekly. I’m not doing 10x400s each week hoping to see improvmeent, or worse comparing myself when I don’t.

As far as execution, it was one of my better workouts in the last few weeks.
Polar Bear 5k (18:42):

My husband and I decided to take a road trip last weekend. We went to Atlanta and then Birmingham. We have been to Altanta a few times, so we stayed away from the touristy things. We stumbled upon a 5k and when we went there, I was shocked! It was a 1000+ person 5k and we weren’t expecting that. I had a workout that day of 2X5k at 6:45 pace.

I ran the first 5k at 5:58 and the second at 6:50. It was a lot faster than planned.

My splits were 6:00, 5:55 and 5:58. I ran a smart race and I’m happy with it. It was a moderately difficult course and I’ll have a recap soon.

This workout is more mentally challening than anything.  The second 5k is always extremely difficult to get out there. It takes a lot of mental pep talk after a race to get back and run hard by yourself again (I’ve done this workout a couple times: Haddonfield Road Race and Run for Jack). I didn’t want to interfere with racers and I ended up running part of the workout in a hilly neighborhood.

We swung by Birmingham on the way back and did the last Mercedes Course Preview Run.  While the Merecedes half won’t be a goal race for me, it was nice to check out the course.  I didn’t realize it was as hilly as it is.

In summary, it was a good week. The next two weeks are bigger race weeks for me with the Double Bridges 15k in Pensacola next weekend and the Mercedes Half Marathon the following.

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Questions for you:
What is the biggest race you’ve ever done?
How was your week of workouts?


  1. Kick some up in the next couple of weeks!! All is well here. Slogging along toward Boston…not quite at the level I would like to be doing it, but as best I can. Starting to build up on my long runs. 16 two weeks ago. 18 this coming Saturday.

  2. Smart idea to run the course preview even if it’s not a goal race. Always good to know what to expect and at least you can mentally prepare for the hills on the course. Plus, if there’s ever a preview run I do it, it gives me a little more ease at the start of the race knowing what’s to come. Looks like a solid week of training overall and yeah, 100% humidity is no joke.

  3. Hmmm, biggest race I’ve ever done? I don’t know if it would be Shamrock or RNR. I guess Shamrock is bigger? Glad you got a preview run in – its always nice to know what to expect on a race course!

    1. I think NYCM or the Broad Street 10 miler are my biggest races. Which years did you run NYCM Brian?

  4. Nice work! Really smart to take the easy runs super easy in the humidity and elements. The biggest race I’ve done so far has been the Philly Half. Luckily, it never felt crowded, and I actually enjoyed running with a bunch of other people.

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