October Recap

October came and went. It was a huge month for me, and I gained a lot of confidence in my training.  As I continued to build back from my ankle fracture, my training has progressed and changed.

I mentioned in my September recap; I was entertaining the idea of the Dallas Full Marathon.  I’m not ready, and after my 20 miler with Angela earlier in the month, one mileI realized I don’t want to either.

Run for Play 5k

Total Miles: 285 Miles
Shortest: 1-mile warmup
Longest Run: 20 miles (recapped here)
Workouts: 2
Rest Days: 4

Dragon Run (18:58)
Jake’s Place 2.8 miler (17:11)
Runners World 5k (18:41)
Runners World Festival Half Marathon (1:24.17)
Base Half Marathon (1:25.29)
Bone Run (3.05) 18:08

Dragon Run me running


After running the 20 milers early in the month, I realized I had no interest in doing a marathon.  I went through a short period that I did but realized 2016 was not the year.  I could finish a marathon and honestly probably PR if I had a good race but it’s not what I want to do.  Since I’m not a professional athlete, I can train for whatever makes me happiest.

Race wise I thought I had a great series of races.  I enjoyed each race.  Even though the Base half marathon was cold and rainy, the race itself was special to me.

Beat 539 half marathon me running

My mileage was higher because I ran both a 17 and 20-mile run.  Now that I’ve decided I won’t be running the Dallas full marathon; I don’t need to run 20 miles.

November is going to bring a lot of changes to my running. I’m focusing on shorter races and working on leg turnover with shorter intervals.  I have a separate post with lots of updates soon.

Racing wise, this month I’ll be running the Philly half. (This means inclement weather for the half marathoners on Saturday and perfect weather for the marathoners on Sunday).  I’m doing the Bridge Run 10k this weekend, but I’m using it as a workout.  After running New York City Marathon, I know running bridges is hard!

In summary, I’m happy with my month and to continue progressing injury free.  I’m looking forward to running PRs, hopefully soon!

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Questions for you:
How was your month of training?
What was your best workout? Worst workout?