Bone Run (18:08)

I ran the Bone Run last year, and it was short.  Even though it’s USATF certified the finish line isn’t where it should be to keep the certification.  Sure I could claim I ran an 18:08, but there is no point in lying to myself or readers.  Hopefully, soon I’ll run an 18:08 but the course is about .05 short which is about 20 seconds.

Moving on, this race deserves a buildup story.  During my warmup, I got extremely lost. Fifteen minutes beforehand, I found myself 3 miles from the race start.  Somehow I had found my way to the furthest point from the start.  After crying to a random UPS driver just trying to do his job, I found myself being delivered directly to the race start.  Somehow I made it but honestly I can’t be more thankful.  I was delivered and dropped off by a UPS driver…my life never fails to amuse me. If he hadn’t been so kind, I wouldn’t have been able to race.

After getting to the start, I had about 2 minutes beforehand.  I saw a few of my friends and chatted.

By the time I knew it, we were off!  The race heads into a single lane track and into the woods.  There were a lot of high schoolers at the race, so the start was extremely crowded.  I was elbow to elbow.  Instead of throwing elbows with high schoolers, I just kind of tucked behind them and waited for an opening.  The first mile was through trails and mud.  I thought being the older and wiser (LOL..) runner I am; I would be able to pass several later in the race.

I crossed the first mile in 5:53.  Effort wise I felt faster, but my legs did not have pep.

The second mile opened up, and it was much wider.  I was able to have some breathing room and made a few moves.  I was the third woman overall and could see both the first and second place woman ahead.  This was the most boring and easiest of the miles, and I ran a 5:58.  There were minimal roots so I could focus on “just running”.

The third mile headed back into a single track path.  It was tough to get any rhythm. I was running in a small pack (which is extremely difficult on single lane).  I couldn’t see the roots in front of me, and I was worried I was one fall away from hurting myself.

My legs felt fatigued, and I desperately wanted to break away from the pack.  I couldn’t move my legs any faster, despite trying.  Finally, around 2.7, I passed the second place woman.  From 2.7 to the end it became a race to maintain that lead.  It felt like the longest few minutes of my life.

I crossed the third mile in 6:09.  I was sad because I was hoping for faster but my legs didn’t have it.  Plus, the terrain was difficult. As we came out of the woods, I saw the finish line ahead, and I knew they hadn’t fixed the course.  My heart sunk but not much you can do.

I crossed in 18:08 and second woman overall.


I’m happy with my effort level.  It was one of the strangest mornings of my life.  I went from not thinking I would be able to run, to running, to being upset the course wasn’t fixed.  With the conditions and terrain, I am happy with my time. However, I am looking to find a flat and fast road 5k to test my current fitness level as well.  My guess is that won’t happen until Thanksgiving.

Questions for you:

Do you like Cross Country and Trail Races?

Have you ever tripped and fallen while running?

I have tripped many times which has included fracturing my elbow and getting stitches.