Bone Run (18:08)

I ran the Bone Run last year, and it was short.  Even though it’s USATF certified the finish line isn’t where it should be to keep the certification.  Sure I could claim I ran an 18:08, but there is no point in lying to myself or readers.  Hopefully, soon I’ll run an 18:08 but the course is about .05 short which is about 20 seconds.

Moving on, this race deserves a buildup story.  During my warmup, I got extremely lost. Fifteen minutes beforehand, I found myself 3 miles from the race start.  Somehow I had found my way to the furthest point from the start.  After crying to a random UPS driver just trying to do his job, I found myself being delivered directly to the race start.  Somehow I made it but honestly I can’t be more thankful.  I was delivered and dropped off by a UPS driver…my life never fails to amuse me. If he hadn’t been so kind, I wouldn’t have been able to race.

After getting to the start, I had about 2 minutes beforehand.  I saw a few of my friends and chatted.

By the time I knew it, we were off!  The race heads into a single lane track and into the woods.  There were a lot of high schoolers at the race, so the start was extremely crowded.  I was elbow to elbow.  Instead of throwing elbows with high schoolers, I just kind of tucked behind them and waited for an opening.  The first mile was through trails and mud.  I thought being the older and wiser (LOL..) runner I am; I would be able to pass several later in the race.

I crossed the first mile in 5:53.  Effort wise I felt faster, but my legs did not have pep.

The second mile opened up, and it was much wider.  I was able to have some breathing room and made a few moves.  I was the third woman overall and could see both the first and second place woman ahead.  This was the most boring and easiest of the miles, and I ran a 5:58.  There were minimal roots so I could focus on “just running”.

The third mile headed back into a single track path.  It was tough to get any rhythm. I was running in a small pack (which is extremely difficult on single lane).  I couldn’t see the roots in front of me, and I was worried I was one fall away from hurting myself.

My legs felt fatigued, and I desperately wanted to break away from the pack.  I couldn’t move my legs any faster, despite trying.  Finally, around 2.7, I passed the second place woman.  From 2.7 to the end it became a race to maintain that lead.  It felt like the longest few minutes of my life.

I crossed the third mile in 6:09.  I was sad because I was hoping for faster but my legs didn’t have it.  Plus, the terrain was difficult. As we came out of the woods, I saw the finish line ahead, and I knew they hadn’t fixed the course.  My heart sunk but not much you can do.

I crossed in 18:08 and second woman overall.


I’m happy with my effort level.  It was one of the strangest mornings of my life.  I went from not thinking I would be able to run, to running, to being upset the course wasn’t fixed.  With the conditions and terrain, I am happy with my time. However, I am looking to find a flat and fast road 5k to test my current fitness level as well.  My guess is that won’t happen until Thanksgiving.

Questions for you:

Do you like Cross Country and Trail Races?

Have you ever tripped and fallen while running?

I have tripped many times which has included fracturing my elbow and getting stitches.

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  1. Tripped once when a dog came from nowhere and started snarling at me.Landed funny and partially dislocated a bone in my shoulder and took a toe nail off when i stubbed my toe into the floor. Great time.

  2. HAHA, a UPS driver? Honestly, your grit is so impressive. A lot of your races deliver up less than ideal conditions and you consistently crush it. GO HOLLIE.

  3. This is a great race recap. Love the shenanigans. As a friend of mine likes to say, Champions adjust!

    I love trail races. I enjoy them more than road racing. Run enough trail races and you will fall. Roots, rocks, wet leaves, water, mud all make for difficult terrain to run on. I enjoy the extra challenge though, plus the beauty of running through this great nation’s natural splendor is beyond compare.

  4. Delivered by UPS? Lol that’s seriously the most random thing, but I’m glad you were able to make it to the race. I love running trails, but I’m always afraid that I’m going to trip and faceplate into mud. Or a bush. The scenery is beyond compare though!

  5. When I read that about you being delivered by UPS to the start lie I just about died!! Now THAT is fueled by LOLZ for sure 🙂 Totally unbelievable that you weren’t phased by that and run ran your butt off, as you always do. Totally bummed that the course is short but I have no doubt your next 5k will be below 18. GO!!

  6. Even if the course was short, you still ran a great time, especially with the cross country style race and crowded course. Congratulations on #2 female, too. I think you will be in the low 18s soon based on this, anyway. Love that you got “delivered” to the start… I too have gotten lost on warmups and barely made it back in time. Fortunately I have not missed a start but I have had two near misses.

    I have only fallen once when running. It was during a trail race and it was rough. Fortunately the girl behind me stopped and helped me up, which said a lot because a lot of people might not have stopped, but that’s what makes this sport great. It wasn’t in a meet or anything where she could get DQed but it seems like meet officials are a little more lenient with that these days too?

  7. I was your FB post about the UPS driver- that is amazing! Sorry that the race was a bit short, though. I’m amazed you can run so well over trails! My legs have been feeling that same “no pep” thing since the marathon. I’m looking for a flat 5k to see where my fitness is at too! Let me know if you find one. 🙂 Everything has rolling hills here!

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