Training: Little Things and RnR Philly (1:27.37)

Last week was a great training week for me.  While I did log higher mileage, I also spent time doing little things such as PT, recovering and resting.  Each being important to keeping me healthy.

Monday: Easy run with Meghan Deep Tissue Massage
Tuesday: OFF PT/ART appointment
Wednesday: Easy Run
Thursday: Easy Run PT/ART appointment
Friday: OFF
Saturday: Easy run with my friend Katie
Sunday: RnR Philly (1:27.37)+3 mile cool down


Where to begin? I’m beginning to put in the mileage again.  While I’m not doing workouts, I’m running about 50-60 miles per week and racing once.  That’s a huge progression, and I can now say I’m 100% injury free.  I’ve raced two halves and had a 16-mile day with no issues.  Do I feel in shape?  No, but my bones don’t hurt.

I’m proud to continue getting my PT/ART, and it has made all the difference.  While it is expensive, I do believe going to Dr. Kemenosh and his team is helping me stay healthy as I increase my mileage.  My foot hasn’t hurt but then again, neither has anything else.

Rock N Roll Philadelphia: 1:27.37

rock n roll philadelphia

I’ll have a longer recap sometime this week, but I’m pleasantly surprised with how the race went.  I told myself I would be very happy with anything faster than RnR Virginia Beach.

The weather forecasted a hot, humid day.  Honestly, it’s one of the better days I’ve raced this year so while the weather was tough, but not unbearable.  I forgot my watch at home and just ran by how I felt.  I don’t let the watch tell me to speed up/slow down anyways, but I do like to know my pace.  I never felt “good” during the race, but I never felt awful either.  The short recap is, I was pretty consistent, and I was proud of how I ran.

rock n roll philadelphia

I’m looking forward to getting into shorter races for the next month.  My next half marathon is potentially the Runners World Half.  While it’s a much tougher course, I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do on in cooler weather and with another month of training under my belt.  For now, I’ll continue to race 5ks.

Questions for you:
Do you race well in the heat?
What was your best workout last week?


  1. Amazing job!! I am in awe of how consistent you were in that weather. It was brutal for me. You nailed it! So glad your mileage is back up and you feel 100% again.

    1. I think it was definitely brutal for everyone. One of the elite runners at RnR said they added about 3 minutes to the time they were hoping for. :O

  2. Definitely was not optimal conditions out there but you raced amazingly well! The humidity had me dragging the last few miles – next up for me, Philly Marathon!

  3. Ugh, that humidity thought. You pulled out a great time. I’d have hoped that a lot of that humidity would be gone by now, but no such luck, darn it!

  4. I started going to spin class and really pushed myself last Friday. It felt great!
    Congrats on your race. I’m so glad you are feeling good.

  5. Congrats! That’s awesome that you’re doing physical therapy along with your running. It sounds like its helping!

  6. That’s very impressive Hollie! It sounds like it was very hot and humid, and all the elites were minutes off their PRs. Scott Smith won the Rock N Roll San Diego half in June almost 3 minutes faster.. I ran that one too :). It looks like you are re-gaining your fitness very quickly, and you will be back to 1:22s in no time! I live and train in Phoenix. I learned from racing this Summer to not measure my fitness in such extreme conditions 🙂 I did a 10k specific workout in 90+ degrees this morning (16×400 @10k pace w/100 jog rest), I think its the last really hot day for a while. I didn’t hit all my paces and I couldn’t jog-rest all my recoveries due to the heat, but I am not letting it discourage me. I am trying to break 40 in the 10k in Nov! What are your thoughts on 10Ks? I did only 5ks until recently, and decided to try the in-between, and I really like the 10k so far!

  7. The weather’s been crazy here too! Congratulations on a great race and dropping some time so soon after VA Beach Half. You are doing great and having a very consistent comeback, plus it’s good you’re handling things like PT/ART/Massage and being proactive. I bet you will hit some crazy fast times once the humidity finally decreases!

  8. I am so happy for you and proud of you, Hollie. We had very similar training weeks! It’s not easy to run 50 on a week with two ART sessions, and the fact that you raced so well on top of that is fantastic. I can’t wait to diner again soon! <3

  9. I’m continually impressed by you and very interested to see how you do at the RW Half. It looks like a gorgeous course!!

  10. Great job! I’m intrigued by ART but finally scheduled a pre-marathon massage for next week and can’t wait. You rocked RNR Philly. I was expecting to feel like crap but ended up running my 2nd fastest half and felt really strong and comfortable for most of it! You ran so speedy-I’m glad you’re recovering well.

  11. Yay for injury free! Hope the miles keep on flying by and that you make it to the RW half healthy and being able to put in the prep that you want.

  12. I was thinking the same thing about that race – consistent pacing!! Great job. You know you can rock the RW half, even with the hills, since the temperature will make a huge difference. Whatever you decide will be the right thing 🙂

  13. Woohoo–nice job! I am so not a heat and humidity person. I’m from Syracuse after all so the colder, the better. 🙂

  14. This summer I learned how much the humidity is a killer for me, ugh! You did an amazing job, and it’s always good to be injury-free! Can we please bring on the fall?? LOL

  15. Congrats on the race, Hollie! And that’s awesome that you’re staying injury-free. I don’t do anything well in the heat, so forget about running. Then again, I’m from Canada and totally not used to heat or humidity, so that probably has a lot to do with it.

  16. Runners World is a great race (my hometown). Super difficult but a great weekend overall and usually much cooler temps.

  17. Runners World is a great race (my hometown). Super difficult but a great weekend overall and usually much cooler temps.

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