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I feel as though I should have Adele lyrics playing in the background.  Last week’s training began the slow transition from cross-training to running. As I make this slow transition, my plan is to continue cross training and slowly integrate running back in.

me running

A fracture is a broken bone, and it’s so important to gradually increase mileage from any broken bone.  I don’t plan to build up to my regular mileage until the end of the summer. I’ll build strength from other workouts, strength training and running.

So what did I do?
Right now I’m running 20 minutes daily.  The mileage has varied, but it doesn’t matter.  Sometimes I don’t even know how I ran, and I forget to go back in check. I am just happy I’m able to run.

Sunday long run (30 minutes):
I ran for 30 minutes.  My ankle was more sore than normal, but it was my longest run.  It didn’t alter my stride, but I felt random twinges throughout the day. Nothing serious and it felt more muscle related than bone.  My run was on Sunday and two days later I feel fine.

Cross training:
This summer, I’ll continue to swim, and I might continue to participate in spin classes. The elliptical and AMT cross trainer will slowly disappear as my running increases.

Shoe Wise:
I have more thoughts about this soon, but I currently need more cushion in the heel of my shoe.  As much as I love my Saucony Triumph, I need a shoe with more cushion in the heel to support my ankle.

I’ve run a little bit in the Hoka Clifton 3.  I like the cushion in the heel, but I do believe I prefer the “traditional” 10-12 millimeter drop.  Hoka’s have maximum cushioning, but they also have a lot of properties of minimalist shoes.  I don’t hate the Clifton 3, but I haven’t fallen in love either.  They are getting the job done…I’ve also run in the Asics Cumulus, which I like the gel in the back of the heel.  I haven’t found a shoe I love right now but I’m also recovering from an injury, so I’m biased too.  It’s a long slow process of finding something that works.

In summary, I probably ran about 15 injury free miles.  I’m continuing to cross train and search for a shoe with more cushion in the heel.

Questions for you:

How was your Fourth of July?

What is your current running shoe? 

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  1. “Right now I’m running 20 minutes daily” <- I'm not sure why (probably because I'm still waking up), but I first read that as "I'm running 20 MILES daily" and I'm like… 😯 I'm glad you're able to run again without any problems!

  2. Hey!! Great to see you “back on your feet” again! 4th of July was amazing here! Had some people over and watched the city fireworks from my backyard. 🙂 Now that I, too, am back on my feet again, I am enjoying my runs in my Nike Zoom Odysseys. Big shoes for my big clodhopper feet!

  3. I prefer the more cushioned type of shoes. I tried a hoka shoe and share your sentiments. I think I like them but not totally sold. My go to shoes for marathons and associated long runs are Brooks Glycerins, just got my 3rd pair. I usually get about 450 miles in them.

  4. I haven’t tried the new Hokas but I did really like them for coming back from injury, but they weren’t my favorite shoes to run in long-term. It takes so long to build back up the where we were before but it’s worth it to stay healthy for longer. Good to see you getting back to 30 minutes of running again!

  5. Yay for being able to run again (and for being smart about how you are approaching it)! I tried the Hokas for a while and I thought that I loved them … but then I had some foot issues. The Brooks Launch is my shoe. I’ve always loved it and I don’t know why I even try to find something “new.” I plan to stick with the Launch as long as I can!

  6. Yay for being back to running!!
    I’m back in Brooks (Ravenna and GTS) and love them. I ran in Hokas for about a year and they worked when I was building after injury, but I really do need a stability shoe.

  7. Glad you are back to running but I can imagine the challenge of attempting to find a new shoe.

    My love for the saucony triumph is still going strong. I also am about 100 miles in with the zealot which I finally tried and I have been reaching for it versus my kinvara’s on shorter runs.

  8. Glad you are back to running. You are smart to adjust shoes to give you more cushion. I regularly use Hoka Cliftons, but have not tried the Clifton 3 yet. I have had some heel pain of late and finally tried the Saucony Triumphs and was really pleased. Still need to give the Ride 9 a try. Keep up the strong recovery!

  9. I bet you can’t wait to let loose!! You’re a wise woman to start out running with time instead of distance. As far as shoes for stability and/or cushion I’ve heard great things about Brooks. I’ve really come to love my Altras (zero drop) though. I feel light and free. I’m sending you positive vibes for future happy, fast, fun miles!

  10. i never liked the clifton for shorter runs it was just too much cushion for short distances but on the longer runs, like 6+ i really liked having a little extra when my knees started feeling the pain. i did switch to these as well after a stress fracture in my foot and i liked them a lot for that same reason.

  11. YAY for injury free running!! I’ve just discovered my love for running and have decided to do cross country for my last year of HS, so i’m also joining you on slowly upping my mileage 🙂 Expect I’m starting as a complete beginner hahaha! But I hope you continue to be pain free and enjoy your runs!

  12. I had a pretty nice Fourth of July. I’m so glad to see you’re back to running and building miles slowly. As you know, I’m still obsessed with the Nimbus 16. I’ve gone through at least 15 pairs in two years and I’m on my fourth pair of the SAME color. Thankfully, they are blue, so they added fit right into my patriotic race attire.

  13. So happy to see you are back at it!!!! You are being so smart and building up slowly will have you kicking some major butt come Fall. Stick with it!

  14. I know how tough it can be to get back into it, but you are really doing an amazing job, especially with your positive attitude. That’s one of the reasons I love your blog- you don’t wallow and you always see the bright side. I’m with you on the 10-12 millimeter drop thing- lower than that and my achilles can feel it. I feel like more and more shoes are going less than that and soon the traditional shoe will be a thing of the past. I just bought a 6 mm drop shoe hoping it will work. It’s hard to find a racing shoe with stability that fits well, so the only one I found had that small drop, we’ll see how it goes.

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