Training: Hello Running

I feel as though I should have Adele lyrics playing in the background.  Last week’s training began the slow transition from cross-training to running. As I make this slow transition, my plan is to continue cross training and slowly integrate running back in.

me running

A fracture is a broken bone, and it’s so important to gradually increase mileage from any broken bone.  I don’t plan to build up to my regular mileage until the end of the summer. I’ll build strength from other workouts, strength training and running.

So what did I do?
Right now I’m running 20 minutes daily.  The mileage has varied, but it doesn’t matter.  Sometimes I don’t even know how I ran, and I forget to go back in check. I am just happy I’m able to run.

Sunday long run (30 minutes):
I ran for 30 minutes.  My ankle was more sore than normal, but it was my longest run.  It didn’t alter my stride, but I felt random twinges throughout the day. Nothing serious and it felt more muscle related than bone.  My run was on Sunday and two days later I feel fine.

Cross training:
This summer, I’ll continue to swim, and I might continue to participate in spin classes. The elliptical and AMT cross trainer will slowly disappear as my running increases.

Shoe Wise:
I have more thoughts about this soon, but I currently need more cushion in the heel of my shoe.  As much as I love my Saucony Triumph, I need a shoe with more cushion in the heel to support my ankle.

I’ve run a little bit in the Hoka Clifton 3.  I like the cushion in the heel, but I do believe I prefer the “traditional” 10-12 millimeter drop.  Hoka’s have maximum cushioning, but they also have a lot of properties of minimalist shoes.  I don’t hate the Clifton 3, but I haven’t fallen in love either.  They are getting the job done…I’ve also run in the Asics Cumulus, which I like the gel in the back of the heel.  I haven’t found a shoe I love right now but I’m also recovering from an injury, so I’m biased too.  It’s a long slow process of finding something that works.

In summary, I probably ran about 15 injury free miles.  I’m continuing to cross train and search for a shoe with more cushion in the heel.

Questions for you:

How was your Fourth of July?

What is your current running shoe?