Training: Deep Tissue Massages and Rainy Races

This was an interesting week.  I had a great Wednesday workout, and not as great of a race. The weather for Shamrock this year was some of the worst. It was pouring rain, 40 degrees and windy.  The wind chill made it feel as if it was 30 degrees.  My legs felt sore the entire race, and it was mentally challenging.

Let’s look back at training:

Monday: Easy Treadmill Run+ deep tissue massage
Tuesday: Easy run
Wednesday: 6X1 mile hill repeats (average 6:23 pace)
Thursday: Easy run
Friday: OFF
Saturday: Easy shake out Run
Sunday: Shamrock half marathon 1:26.50

Workout Wednesday:

After getting a deep tissue massage on Monday, I wasn’t sure how the workout would go.  I’m usually sore 48 hours after getting a massage.  This was no exception.  I didn’t want to get a massage post workout and risk being sore for the race, nor did we want to push my workout back.  So “dealt” with the soreness but the workout went well.

hill workout

6×1 mile hill repeats (average 6:23 pace) 6:52, 6:13, 6:33, 6:09, 6:29, 6:02

I haven’t run any workout hill miles at 6:02.  When I first started doing workouts on the track, I was able to run a 6:02-6:10 mile.  It wasn’t on hills, and it certainly wasn’t not the last mile of a workout.

The rest of the miles were easy in preparation for Shamrock half marathon.

Shamrock Half Marathon: 1:26.50.

This was the hardest race I’ve run.  The “feels like” temperature was 30 degrees in the pouring rain.  Mentally, I struggled through the entire race.  I decided early I shouldn’t be concerned with my time and turned off my watch.  It was the best decision I made.  You can’t control race conditions, and the weather was miserable for everyone.

I lost a lot of confidence with my running during Shamrock.  Internally I know the conditions were terrible, but mentally I still lost that confidence.  I’ve been on a good streak with running, so a bad race was bound to happen.  It doesn’t mean it doesn’t sting when it does!  As I told a friend of mine, not every race can go well and if you have more good races than bad you are doing something right.  This will be a race I’ll remember for a while whether I want too or not.

Questions for you:

Have you ever run a race in the pouring rain?

What was your best workout of the week?