Training: Deep Tissue Massages and Rainy Races

This was an interesting week.  I had a great Wednesday workout, and not as great of a race. The weather for Shamrock this year was some of the worst. It was pouring rain, 40 degrees and windy.  The wind chill made it feel as if it was 30 degrees.  My legs felt sore the entire race, and it was mentally challenging.

Let’s look back at training:

Monday: Easy Treadmill Run+ deep tissue massage
Tuesday: Easy run
Wednesday: 6X1 mile hill repeats (average 6:23 pace)
Thursday: Easy run
Friday: OFF
Saturday: Easy shake out Run
Sunday: Shamrock half marathon 1:26.50

Workout Wednesday:

After getting a deep tissue massage on Monday, I wasn’t sure how the workout would go.  I’m usually sore 48 hours after getting a massage.  This was no exception.  I didn’t want to get a massage post workout and risk being sore for the race, nor did we want to push my workout back.  So “dealt” with the soreness but the workout went well.

hill workout

6×1 mile hill repeats (average 6:23 pace) 6:52, 6:13, 6:33, 6:09, 6:29, 6:02

I haven’t run any workout hill miles at 6:02.  When I first started doing workouts on the track, I was able to run a 6:02-6:10 mile.  It wasn’t on hills, and it certainly wasn’t not the last mile of a workout.

The rest of the miles were easy in preparation for Shamrock half marathon.

Shamrock Half Marathon: 1:26.50.

This was the hardest race I’ve run.  The “feels like” temperature was 30 degrees in the pouring rain.  Mentally, I struggled through the entire race.  I decided early I shouldn’t be concerned with my time and turned off my watch.  It was the best decision I made.  You can’t control race conditions, and the weather was miserable for everyone.

I lost a lot of confidence with my running during Shamrock.  Internally I know the conditions were terrible, but mentally I still lost that confidence.  I’ve been on a good streak with running, so a bad race was bound to happen.  It doesn’t mean it doesn’t sting when it does!  As I told a friend of mine, not every race can go well and if you have more good races than bad you are doing something right.  This will be a race I’ll remember for a while whether I want too or not.

Questions for you:

Have you ever run a race in the pouring rain?

What was your best workout of the week? 

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  1. The conditions for the half yesterday were HORRID. You cannot take that as any inkling of reflection on your fitness. I had every bit of confidence that on a perfect day you would have smashed your PR. Your workout and races have been better than ever. Rest up and focus on the next goal.

    1. To be honest Kris, I’m glad the full marathoners got the better weather. It would have stink if you guys had to run a full in those conditions.

      1. Agreed! One of the first things I said after the half was “I’m so glad the full marathoners didn’t have to run in that awful rain.” What a gross day – I know that it wasn’t the best day for you but your quote about more good than bad races is right!

  2. I think a half marathon in those conditions would be enough to shake anyone’s confidence. I’ve gotten lucky enough that none of my goal races have been in bad conditions. The worst I’ve had to deal with was a half marathon that started in the 50s and ended in the 70s. Fortunately I was pacing my sister and not actually racing. I’m probably jinxing myself for the rest of the year saying that, haha.

  3. I’m so sorry the conditions were horrible! Ugh. You are so not one to complain about conditions while I am such a wimp with cold and rain. If I had gone, I probably would have stayed in the hotel room (and I’m not even joking. I HATE rain and cold).
    Well done to even run the whole thing. Better times ahead! Rest up.

    1. I was thinking about you actually Amanda. I’m glad you didn’t target the half/full as your main goal race!

  4. I’m so sorry about those conditions! I am such a wimp and would have stayed in the hotel room (no joke, I HATE the cold and rain). Great job for even running the whole thing.
    The most miserable race I ran was at the Vermont City Marathon as part of the relay and then I ran with my friend who was running the full thing for a few miles in the wind and rain.
    Rest up! This race was so not indicative of where you will be. Sunnier days to come.

  5. that does not sound fun at all. Great job running strong anyway. I ran a half in the rain in the fall (only part of it was raining) and that was annoying enough to deal with (plus wind, that race had wind which made it so much harder!).

  6. Sorry to hear about the conditions during your race 🙁 I have never been happier that my race was held on a Saturday..luckily the weather was perfect that day and Sunday was awful. Still an amazing time though!

  7. My quads were screaming during my race in the pouring rain.. I don’t know maybe the weather made me stiff. When I was running in the pouring rain I was thinking I would rather run in the heat, which I usually don’t like.

    Good for you just turning off your watch and doing it!

    My best workout this week was in the gym. Hope your Monday goes well.

  8. Ahh I’m sorry to hear about the race:( Pouring ran and windy sounds miserable so simply running a race in those conditions is a huge accomplishment and you should be proud! Luckily none of my recent races have been during a rainstorm.. I guess that means it’s bound to happen soon haha.

  9. Having a bad race isn’t a good feeling. But I think you were smart to know that it wasn’t going to be a great day so you just ran to run it. I can’t remember the last time I ran a race in the pouring rain…I think it was in NYC during High School. We traveled all the way from San Diego for an invitational and it rained the ENTIRE time. I just remember being soaking wet, freezing and just generally not into it. 🙂 Way to stick with it despite the weather.

  10. Bad weather conditions are so hard! Be proud of yourself for all of your hard work and for getting through the race. You are totally right in saying you’ve gotta have a less than stellar race every once in a while. Just know that this means you’ve paid your dues for a while and on to the next race. You are awesome!

  11. Sorry to hear about the crappy race day conditions. You should be proud of yourself for showing up and sticking it out until the end. If anything, that race served as an opportunity to strengthen your mental game. Also, wanted to say that about a year ago you recommended Helen from Hand & Stone to me and I went today…best deep tissue massage I ever had. Thanks again for the recommendation.

  12. You battled some crazy conditions and came out well under the elusive 90 minute mark. I know it’s not the PR you ran a few weeks ago but you had a lot of unfavorable uncontrollable variables going on. I raced Boston last year. 40s, overcast, pouring. Then Grandmas Marathon – 60s, overcast, torrential downpours that turned to a sunny humid mess. Rough times.

  13. Congrats on your half marathon despite the awful conditions!! I also ran a half yesterday, but the weather was a bit nicer on this side of the pond for once.

    I’ve never run a race in the pouring rain but have had to deal with random bursts of bad weather in the middle of my runs though. Typical England.

  14. So sorry the conditions were so horrible!! That is really the ONE thing us runners have yet to take control of – the weather. You know that this will only make you stronger – mentally and physically – and you will be more then ready to tackle the next half…hopefully with partly cloudy skies and 40 degrees 🙂

  15. I ran the Cincinnati Flying Pig 1/2 (my 2nd ever) and it POURED at the start line, but ended up easing up as the race went on , and was just drizzling by the midpoint to the end. It was kinda fun running in the drizzle, but the downpour just makes it hard to see, and not to mention wet shoes & the blisters that came after were no fun. You still did great considering the elements–smart move with turning off the watch. I would have done the same.

  16. I ran my first race EVER in the pouring ran (the broad street 10 miler). I had trained for months so there was no way I wasn’t doing it!

  17. The Shamrock conditions were insane. A friend was hoping for a big showing at the marathon, but he doesn’t deal well with cold, so he pulled the plug around mile 13. Way to be tough and grind it out!

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