Favorite Spring Gear

Somehow I never did “a favorite products”: winter edition. I waited for winter weather to buy winter gear and that never happened.  We had a few cold days but not enough to justify buying a new winter coat.  I did, however, buy a gym membership to get out of the snow.  That’s a story for another day. 

Now that Spring is springing, I can justify writing about products I am currently enjoying in the Spring.  I’m sure there will be a few more as we get more into the season.  I’m not being paid to tell you what I like.  Here are some products I’m thinking about.


Saucony Triumph: I’m now on my fourth pair of Saucony Triumph ISO 2, and it’s safe to say they are my favorite running shoe.

Saucony ISO 2 review feat overrun


I’m looking for a cute pair of Oxfords to kick around in but haven’t found any I love!  If anyone has a favorite, let me know. 

(Running) Clothing:

Saucony started making seamless clothing, and I’m obsessed with them.  I like the feel and how stretchy it is.  I just wish they made more colors.  I don’t like that certain brands only make a few different colors of an item.  I want the variety to have blue, blue-blue, light blue, dark blue, cerulean blue, navy blue, seafoam blue…or ROY G BIF is fine too…

I have the long sleeve, short sleeve and tank in the “dash style” and I like them all.

(NonRunning) Clothing: 

Lululemon Vineyessa Scarf

Oh look: my favorite scarf and Saucony dash long sleeve together
Oh look: my favorite scarf and Saucony dash long sleeve together

Roolee leggings

I originally saw these on Janae’s blog in green.  When I saw the pants existed in a few colors, I chose the dusty pink.
moto dusty rose leggings


TV Wise: This Spring I have found several different shows that interest me.  Since I fall asleep at 8pm…9pm, I normally DVR the shows and watch them in the morning. 

  • Restaurant Impossible
  • Bar Rescue
  • 60 Days In
  • Awkward
  • From Fit to Fat to Fit

Questions for you:
What new workout gear are you loving?
Do you follow any TV shows?


  1. I love my Old Navy workout capris. I live in them.

    I watch way too much TV. Do you like Fit to Fat to Fit? I’ve watched a few episodes, and while I get the premise, I think its kinda dangerous.

    1. I feel the same way about that show as biggest loser. It can’t be healthy for someone to gain and lose that much weight so quickly. I’m not sure my opinion. I don’t hate it but I can’t say I 100% love it either…yet I continue to watch it.

  2. I just bought a great top from Athleta and I LOVE it. I rarely ever buy long sleeved running tops because I get so many at races. But I needed something green for my St. Patties Day race and found it on sale. LOVE. I haven’t been watching much TV but I do follow Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds, and Shadowhunters!

  3. Fun list. Im loving Fit to fat to fit too. Seems like a terrible idea, but the show is so interesting.

  4. Saucony is definitely my favorite running brand! I love their clothes 🙂 Their shoes don’t work for me but I always have on their clothes and socks.

  5. I have that lululemon scarf and wear it all the time. I’m all about lululemon clothes these days because I can wear them to work, yoga, or run (well, the running part isn’t exactly happening right now). I love those modcloth leggings!

  6. Okay I am the same way.. when I like a piece of clothing I want it in every color possible haha. I have still been loving a few tops from Lulu Lemon I got a few months ago. I have a few pair of bottoms from Old Navy and they’re some of my favorites too.

  7. I’m on the search for new running shoes since the nimbus isn’t working for me anymore. But with a race this weekend, I’m obviously not switching until that is done! I LOVE the Lululemon Love tee. I have it in five colors now. I’m obsessed. I’m loving Quantico, Madam Secretary and Chicago PD/Med. So good. But I have to DVR everything too – I can’t deal with commercials and I like to sleep alot more than I want to watch TV!

  8. Love my old-navy running shorts. I have watched a couple episodes of From Fit to Fat to Fit. It is pretty interesting. I am currently loving Scandal, How to get away with murder, and Quantico.

  9. I got some new pants from Victoria Secret and I actually love them! (I didn’t expect them to actually be that great, haha.) That scarf from Lululemon is so cute! I’ll have to check out the saucony apparel, too!

  10. I have been thinking about the Lulu scarf. I feel like I could wear it a lot. I like GapFit and Athleta. And my husband finds a lot of Reebok stuff on sale. I am so excited to run in shorts soon!!

  11. I love Saucony running clothes. The singlets and shorts are my favorite- everything is so cool and comfortable for the hot months here. I especially love the bullet shorts with all the pockets and the little trim on the side. In fact, I wore saucony shorts and tank on my run today! Have never tried their shoes though.

    We love Restaurant Impossible and Bar Rescue- in fact we watched Bar Rescue last night. We also DVR and watch when we’re eating dinner and relaxing in the evenings. I have also been watching Fuller House (guilty pleasure). Will def. check out some of those other shows!

  12. I love my Tasc tank!! Breathable bamboo fabric. Who knew?! I’m dreaming about trying Oiselle one day. I don’t watch much tv…so not much there!

  13. I really like under armour clothing.. tops, capris, and shorts.

    Those pink leggings are cute!

  14. I absolutely love that first picture!! You look adorable and infinity scarves are a must in all this windy weather!! I’m loving all my vests right now and I’m looking forward to wearing my flip flops on a daily basis…:-)
    Binge watching Homeland every chance I get!

  15. I always buy as many colors as I can of a favorite item. I currently have three Old Navy Perfect Tanks that I pair under three long sleeved Old Navy Perfect T’s. They make for the Perfect Yoga teaching combo….something that moves, can be unlayered for warm parts of class, and relayered for quiet times.

    I’m also highly addicted to the Returned right now and waiting for The Walking Dead to catch up on Netflix….I feel so far behind!

    1. I actually don’t have a Netflix account. I feel like I would waste too much time with one to be honest LOL.

      1. See, I don’t watch TV in general. So, at night, when it’s time to unwind and I don’t feel like reading, Netflix is nice because I don’t have to surf regular tv to find something to watch….plus, I don’t have cable.

  16. Love your scarf!! It’s so spring-y! Also, your pants are really cute in the dusty pink color.

    As for TV, I do enjoy Restaurant Impossible! It’s amazing to see how the restaurants change and the owners grow and learn in the process.

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