Voorhees Diner

Voorhees Diner (Voorhees, NJ)

The Voorhees Diner opened a few years ago. Before last week, I had never seen the diner and none of my local friends had even heard of the Voorhees Diner! A couple of people had mentioned the diner but I didn’t pay it a lot of attention. Last week, I finally bit the bullet and went. I met a friend for dinner and when we arrived at 7, the diner was empty.

Voorhees Diner Atmosphere: A

The outside of the Voorhees Diner is large and welcoming.  The Voorhees Diner is right on the main road of route 73 and near the hotel so it sticks out.

Image from their website
Image from the Voorhees Diner website

The inside of the Voorhees Diner is spacious.  There is a bar as well as two main dining rooms filled with booths and tables.  It’s a combination of metallic retro and modern.

Voorhees Diner Service: C

The service at the Vorhees diner wasn’t great.  It wasn’t busy, but the waiter didn’t come back often.  We had to ask if he would take away several plates and mugs.  There was a point that we had two empty plates, two soup bowls, and three empty mugs on our table.  He brought out our food and there wasn’t any room to put it.

Voorhees Diner Coffee: A

The Vorhees diner has its own espresso machine, and the coffee was brewed perfectly.  I can appreciate a restaurant with their own Voorhees Diner logo mugs.  Many diners use plain coffee mugs so using a unique mug is a great touch. 

Voorhees Diner coffee

Voorhees Diner Food: B

The Voorhees Diner menu is huge.  The Vorhees Diner has everything from breakfast and lunch to seafood and dinner.

We ordered the grape leave appetizer to start.  It came with all the Greek staples of grape leaves, seasoned tomatoes, big bricks of feta cheese, hard boiled eggs, olives and lettuce.  It didn’t taste as fresh as I anticipated but we were at a diner.  It wasn’t my favorite appetizer or my least favorite.  It was okay which, okay, seemed to be the theme of the Voorhees Diner.

Voorhees diner greek appetizer

I decided to try their “specialty” burger which was a pretzel bun burger.  Philadelphia is well known for their pretzels, so pretzel buns are a big deal.  The bun itself was dense and great.  I enjoyed the fried onion rings stacked on top of the tomato and lettuce too. I also appreciated it came with steak fries too.  Steak fries are my favorite type of fry!  The entree was better than the appetizer and I was happy.

vorhees diner pretzel burger

It also came with soup.  I chose minestrone, and it was good.  It was nothing out of the ordinary. The theme of the Voorhees Diner was nothing out of the ordinary.

voorhees diner minestrone soup

Voorhees Diner Cost: $$

For the coffee, burger, fries and appetizer the cost of the meal was $23.  I thought the appetizer was overpriced, but the rest of the food was a good value.

Overall thoughts of the Voorhees Diner:

I liked the Voorhees Diner, and I would come back.  There are plenty of options I want to try from their seafood to breakfast but I don’t think I would get the appetizer again.

Atmosphere: A
Service: C
Coffee: A
Food: B
Cost: $10-15
Overall: B

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Questions for you:
Have you had a pretzel bun before?
What is your favorite type of soup?

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  1. I like so many soups it’s hard to say. Pho is my favorite or won ton and bok choy.

    My other favorites are broccoli cheddar, potato/bacon, clam chowder. I love the creamy soups.

  2. Voorhees looks very modern! I think I prefer the older style diners. Your entre looks so good, I have never had a pretzel bun but love big, salty, soft pretzels and adore steak fries too! Favorite soup is chicken noodle.

  3. I don’t know what it is, but I love reading your diner reviews. Rock and I lived in NYC for years and we still work there every spring and fall. We make a point to get out of the city and stay in NJ or upstate NY as many weekends as we can and diners are our post long training run staple. These posts make me smile. And I LOVE pretzel buns. I’m not a big bread person, but give me a burger on pretzel bread and I am a happy gal.

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