Training: Blizzards and Treadmills

Running this week was cold.  It seems to be the theme of the week, but that’s what happens when you run in February.  To be honest, once I got below 20 degrees, I opted for the treadmill.  I would rather run in the warm gym and catch up on trashy TV versus freeze outdoors and be miserable.

Monday: Easy Run
Tuesday; Easy Run
Wednesday; 6X1 mile repeats (6:36 pace)
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Treadmill easy
Saturday: Treadmill Progression
Sunday: Treadmill
Total: 71 miles

My easy runs outdoors were boring and easy.  I didn’t run with a watch.

Workout Wednesday: 6X1 hill mile repeats (6:36 pace)

About 1 mile into my run it started snowing out.  The roads were slushy, and the snow melted through my shoes, but I made it through the workout so I can’t complain.

Was it my fastest?  No.  Did I feel the greatest?  No, but I made it through injury free. 

snow type a6 shoes

I spent this weekend running on the treadmill.  As I mentioned earlier, I don’t have an interest running outdoors when it’s freezing.  I would prefer to run inside when it’s warmer.  To be honest, I feel more miserable than I do badass so for the most part, I don’t mind the treadmill.  I just watch the TV and just zone out.

I also don’t like to do treadmill workouts.  Having a weekend of no workouts and no races was fun.  As I said in my January recap, February is more of a step-down month for me.  There aren’t a lot of races this month, and I have no interest to freeze at races.  I would rather take the time just to relax.

stop running treadmill

We only have two more weeks of February and hopefully a warmer March.  It looks as if next week will be warmer and I can get outside.  I’m taking the month with a grain of salt.  I can’t say it will be my most exciting month of training but no excitement is better than injury excitement.

My goals for February are to run consistently and make it out injury free.

Questions for you:
Do you like the treadmill?
How has the weather been in your area?