Resolution Run 5k (18:22)

On New Years Day I ran the Resolution Run in Virginia Beach.  For the last several years the race was called Hair of the Dog.

5k pr

I’ve run it several times (2012, 2013, 2015), but the 2016 race changed race directors with a new name.  Dad and I decided to try to win the formal wear title.  Sadly we did not win.  The women who won was far more dressed up than us and deserved to win!  The dress I chose is actually from Wet Seal.

dad and I

The race started at 10 and honestly I was okay with the later start.  Normally that is a little late for me, but I was exhausted and preferred to catch up on an extra few hours of sleep.  I warmed up two laps around Mount Trashmore which was about 4 miles.  I saw several local friends which was nice.

I quickly changed into my dress and headed to the start.  The race went off at 10:02.  Even though it was an “inaugural race” it didn’t feel like it and everything went smoothly.  Immediately after the race started, I found myself as first women overall.  There was a pack of several males in front of me, including local legend Steve S.  I felt better than anticipated and hit my first mile in 5:47.  After I hit the first mile, the wheels began turning that I could possibly PR.  I was actually more shocked than anything.  My fastest mile in over two years (granted I really haven’t raced a mile all out).

The course was out and back, and I knew the second half would be windier.  I hit the turn around in 9:06.  While making the sharp 180, I lost traction and nearly wiped out.  One male took the turn much better and passed me.  After the turn around I focused on the two men directly in front.  I passed actually passed them and hit the second mile in 5:55.

The third mile consisted of riding the pain train home.  I wanted a PR, so badly.  By the third mile, I knew I was in contention to earn it.  We passed many people going the opposite direction who were cheering.  I zoned out and hit the third mile in 6:04.

Thank you Ally for this photo
Thank you, Ally, for this photo

As I saw the clock strike 18:00 during the last .1, I knew I was going to PR.  I had the last .1 to stare at the clock and relish in my personal victory. A complete course is important after my near miss of a PR with a short course at the Bone Run.  I crossed the line in 18:22 which is a 13-second lifetime PR and 26 second recent PR.

Resolution Run


I still cannot believe I Pred. It honestly feels surreal. I felt good, but the race didn’t seem effortless. I do think I have a faster race ahead sometime in 2016, but it feels awesome to start 2016 off with a solid race.

Questions for you:
Have you ever done a themed race?
How was your New Years Eve and New Years Day?