Training: An Unexpected 2.5 Year PR

This was the week.

The week of weird, unexpected and the week I Pred…while wearing a wet seal prom dress.

Thank you Ally for this photo
Thank you Ally for this photo

Life is full of unexpected events and without the unexpected I don’t think LOLZ blog would be able to exist because I’m normally pretty boring.

With that training this week was weird, and I’m okay with that.

Monday: OFF
Tuesday: 13.35 with Liz (her longest run ever)
Wednesday: Easy run with Tim
Thursday: Morning Shakeout run in VA
Friday: Hair of the Dog 5k (18:22)
Saturday: Easy run
Sunday: Easy Run
Total: 69 miles

On Monday I felt sore, so I rested.  The last few weeks have been weird for me.  Typically I take Thursdays off but lately I have been taking Mondays off.

My run on Tuesday has become one of my favorite because I enjoy running with Liz. It’s always a lot of fun to just chat and hang out for 2 hours. It was raining (again), but we had a great time. Plus it was Liz’s longest run to date.

Liz and I

Wednesday and Thursday were both easy runs. I had planned to do the Beat the Ball 5k on Thursday evening. I’ve done the race several times (2012, 2013, 2014)  and always had an enjoyable race. This year, however, I wasn’t feeling that well. I was exhausted and miserable all day and afternoon.  I was bummed to miss the race, but my husband and I stayed home. Dad went and had a great race.

Even though I was disappointed to miss the race, I told myself “it’s better, you don’t feel well and racing would do more harm than good”.

On Thursday, I ran the Resolution Run. It was put on by my local running club. I’ve run the race several times under the previous name of Hair of the Dog. The race has a formal wear division that you are supposed to dress in your “night out clothing”. This year fewer people were wearing outfits, and I wasn’t going to compete in the “formal wear” division until I saw personal friend Wendy wearing her dress.  So I started the race in my Wet Seal Dress.

Sadly we did not win the Formal Attire
Sadly we did not win the Formal Attire

Spoiler: I felt good, and ended up finally breaking my 2.5-year-old PR. To be honest, I’m still shocked it happened.  After not feeling well the night before, it was the last place I expected to PR.  It is a 13-second lifetime PR and a 26 second recent PR.

Saturday and Sunday were both easy runs.

Final thoughts:

I’m still surprised that my PR finally happened. It feels excellent to start the year off on such a great foot.  While I did race, I didn’t do any workouts this week.  I’ve been hitting 2+ workouts weekly for the last month so this was a nice mental break.

Thoughts for next week:

I’m running the Icicle 10 miler next weekend in Wilmington. I raced that last year and had my first good race effort post stress fracture. I’m excited to see what I can do this year.

Questions for you:
How was your New Years?
When was your last PR?