A Quick and Enjoyable New Years Trip

Last week I was able to go home and see my parents for New Years. It’s hard to believe I hadn’t been to my Virginia Beach hometown since the RnR Virginia Beach race in September.

I’m close with my family, so it was nice to spend a few days with them.  It was a great few days and we got to relax, enjoy New Years and run the Resolution Run.

My mom made the best Christmas gift.   When I was younger, I used to play with American Girl Dolls and had everything for those dolls. My mom has a small business and sews outfits for them (as well as other custom made items), so she made a LOLZ running outfit complete with runderwear and all.runner american girl doll

When I was much younger, my hair was dirty blonde, so this was me at about age 10.

You can go to her facebook page here if you are interested in her stuff.  She makes everything from American Girl doll clothing to baby blankets and bibs.  She ships too! 

My family, husband and I just spent time relaxing and hanging out.  Plus drinking coffee from one of my favorite coffee shops.

Jojacks Coffee
Is that enough whipped cream?

After running a 5k PR at the resolution run, we came back to enjoy family time.

An adorable photo of my 16 year old cat.
An adorable photo of my 16 year old cat.

One of my favorite desserts that mom makes is her Chocolate Ribbon Pie. It’s a pie made from cool whip, cream cheese as well as chocolate pudding. I’ve never attempted making it because I know I would be disappointed that it doesn’t taste like moms.

Chocolate ribbon pie
Chocolate ribbon pie

After a delicious and fun New Years lunch, we headed back north. I never realized how short the drive from Virginia to New Jersey is when you don’t stop ten thousand times along the way. It’s only 5.5 hours!

Questions for you:
How was your New Years?
Do you like pie?

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  1. New Years Eve I did a track workout, drank a bottle of wine and at 0002 I was in bed. New Years Day I rested, in theory I rested. We took down 4 Christmas trees, all the Christmas decorations in the house, cleaned the house, cooked a full dinner and finally sat down at 8PM to relax after cleaning up from our New Years dinner.

    And yes I love pie!

  2. I’m glad you had a great time at home. It’s always nice to just be able to relax with family. That pie looks so good. It’s probably one of the few pies I’d like because it’s chocolate.

  3. i had american girl dolls growing up too but that is so cool your mom made cute outfits! my mom sews, i never thought to ask her to do that! 5.5 hours thats not a bad drive at all…I am from Texas though so for me thats a normal day trip lol

  4. I can’t believe your cat is 16! He/she looks amazing!! So cute :). I’m glad you were able to spend time with your family and Tim, run, drink coffee (woo!!), and relax. It sounds like the perfect quick trip. Also, I love the Lolz American girl doll! That’s so creative. I’m going to keep your mom in mind if I ever need anything like that that she sells!

  5. That American Girl doll with the running outfit is adorable. I think mine is still at my mother’s somewhere. My new year’s was nice and relaxing.

  6. Family time is the best time! My younger sister got an American Girl Doll for Christmas this year. No runderwear, sadly, haha!

    1. I’m a cake person too Jane! That particular pie is one of the few I will eat though. 🙂

  7. Love the doll and was wondering how on earth you got that shirt when I saw it on FB. Gotta love moms 🙂 So glad you had some much needed hometown time!…and a PR!

  8. Quick trips home are the best. I am truly coming to miss that but it’s a part of growing up I suppose. Makes for that much more quality time when I do get to head home.

    I was working in New Orleans for the sugar bowl. Borboun street on NYE was insane!

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