Ener-C Sport Electrolyte Review

Ener-C Sport Electrolyte Review

I was excited to try the Ener-C Sport Electrolyte. I’m no stranger to Ener-C and have used it throughout living in the desert. I’ve been on a quest this spring to find the best electrolytes for me before the summer weather hits. You can never be too prepared!

Ener-C Sport Electrolyte Review

About the brand Ener-C:

In 2012, Ener-C found themselves at crossroads. They had been working for and distributing Emergen-C, A large pharmaceutical company bought Emergen-C.

They decided: do they continue working for a large pharmaceutical company or create something different?

Since they spent ten years working with Emergen-C, they didn’t want to leave the relationships they created or the knowledge. They were also aware they might be viewed as a “knock-off brand.” They chose to develop and use the purest, most bioavailable, and planet-friendly ingredients for Ener-C. That’s how they created their first multivitamin mix.

About the Ener-C Sport Electrolytes:

The Sport Electrolyte is designed before, during, and after exercise. This is the mix designed to work out during the warm and hot days.

What makes Ener-C Sport Electrolyte different?

  • Caffeine Free
  • No Artificial Flavors or Colors
  • No modified corn or food starch
  • Less than 1g of sugar
  • Vegan, Gluten Free, and Non-GMO


  • Vitamin C 250 mg
  • Calcium 50 mg
  • Magnesium 50 mg
  • Zinc 5 mg
  • Selenium 5 mcg
  • Chromium 20 mcg
  • Chloride  293 mg
  • Sodium 125 mg
  • Potassium 110 g
  • Citric Acid 580
  • Glucose 800 mg

My Experience with the Ener-C Sport Electrolytes:

The Sport Electrolyte is available in just one flavor: “mixed berry.” That surprised me since there are so many Ener-C products in other flavors. Anyway, I liked mixed berry, and I found the Sport Electrolyte mixed berry to taste good. It was sweeter than many other lower-sugar products (like Nuun) but not overly sweeter.

I started drinking Ener-C Sport Electrolyte throughout the day to make sure it sat in my stomach well before using it during workouts. I found it tastes good, and I have no stomach issues. I began using it during runs as well, and I do find myself far less dehydrated. I usually use it for runs under about an hour because, after an hour, I begin needing calories to be sustained. I’ve used it with gels before during longer efforts and feel good.

In all, I find the Sport Electrolyte to be my favorite product to use during the day and before and after workouts to stay hydrated. I need more for working out. This is probably a product of the desert is more extreme in weather than many locations.

Ener-C Sport Electrolyte Review

What is the difference between the Ener-C Sport Electrolyte and Ener-C Multivitamin?

As the name suggests, the Sport Electrolytes are designed for working out and activity. While you don’t need to go through 30 packages a day, you can have them more frequently as you work out. The Multi-Vitamin is designed to have once a day to get minerals and vitamins you might be lacking. The multivitamins aren’t designed for drinking and sustaining you during workouts and more strenuous efforts. Both can have a role in your daily life, but the Ener-C Sport Electrolytes are a better option if you find yourself working out (especially in extreme conditions).

Ener-C Sport Electrolyte Review

Cost: $7.99 for 12 servings

While not the cheapest option, the Sport Electrolytes are not the most expensive either. They fall right in the middle of the cost compared to similar brands.

Ener-C Sport  Electrolyte Conclusion:

Of any of the lower-sugar electrolyte options, the Sport Electrolyte is my favorite. I appreciate that it is sweeter and has more of a flavor. For me, it fits perfectly into my daily electrolyte option to stay hydrated before and after runs. It’s one of my favorite products to have throughout the day and I’ll occasionally use it for shorter runs but usually need a few more calories in the desert heat.

You can try Ener-C Sport Electrolyte here and see all gear reviews here.

Questions for you:

Have you tried Ener-C Sport Electrolyte?

What is your favorite electrolyte option?



  1. another good option…I’ve been really rethinking my hydration, NUUN and GU are my current go to, my body agrees with hydration in my bottle and not nutrition….

    1. Interesting! Nuun hasn’t been enough for me in extreme conditions. I prefer something that has both nutrition and electrolytes so I don’t need to take several products!

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