Training: Recovery & 5ks

I spent most of the previous week recovering from the RnR Half Marathon. To be honest, I’m still recovering from the race as well as whatever sickness I’ve had.  Since the Bone Run, I haven’t had any remarkable runs that I’m particularly happy with.  RnR was a solid effort for how I was feeling at the time.  I came off such a high from racing in October, I hope I don’t spiral into a low for November!

Monday: Easy
Tuesday: Easy run
Wednesday: 4X1 mile with 90 seconds rest (6:44, 6:15, 6:36, 6:13) Core
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Easy run
Saturday Easy run
Sunday:  5k (19:30)
 Total:  66 miles

As you can see, it was relatively low key and boring week. My calves are sore from last week. My easy runs were uneventful, as they should be.

Workout Wednesday: 4X1 mile with 90 seconds rest (6:44, 6:15, 6:36, 6:13)

I plan to continue to do mile repeats until after the Philadelphia Marathon. Then I will be switching it up. My first and third miles are uphill and the second, and fourth miles are down hill. I felt as if I was working a lot harder than I should for these. I was glad that I felt better towards the end, though.

On Sunday, I ran a local 5k.  Long story short, I felt awful, I looked awful, and the race went exactly like that.  However, instead of running a 20+ minute 5k I ran a 19:30…so to be honest I have no complaints.  It’s motivating to see that even when I don’t feel good, my pace is still faster than it was previously.  It served as a great workout and I even negative split and ran (6:11, 6:20, 6:06).

me 5k
At least I won the worlds largest trophy…or something.

I let the other stuff like core and plyo go this week. My legs are sore, and I wanted to promote recovery. I’ll get back into that next week.


Hopefully by the end of next week I’ll feel a lot better. This week and next are training right through races. I still plan to race. However, I’ll be surprised if they are close to my PR times. I’m currently focusing on Philadelphia half so each race until then will serve as a “speed workout”. If I can consistently run between 19:30-19:45 on tired legs, I’ll be happy.

Questions for you:

What is your next goal race?

Is sickness going around where you are?


  1. I am currently training for the Phoenix Marathon and hope to BQ! Congrats on a solid week of running. Happy Sunday!

  2. ugh yes, my sickness! I think it’s just common cold type stuff, but i have been feeling under the weather for a week or so now. Luckily got a run in yesterday and didnt feel too awful, just very out of it. super over it hahah

  3. Do you have a trophy room? Serious question lol, where do you stick them all? That thing is massive for a 5k, I love it! Do you have a time goal for Philly?

    1. Haha, we hide them downstairs in the den. We have a wall shelving unit. Please come to Philadelphia and race? Then you can see it…

      As far as time goes for Philly half, I don’t because it’s a pretty difficult game marathon. There are some difficult hills….like at mile 9!

      1. I wish I could come, it’d be so fun! Maybe I’ll be able to consider it next year (or a different race near you!)

  4. Good job on your 5k , even on tired legs you did well, hope you feel better soon.
    Hope your not coming down with the flu, or cold flu, rest up lots of vitamins C AND zinc for you.
    I just did the the tin,man 5k Sat. My next 5k is the ROCKY BALBOA 5K IN PHILLY.
    Happy running.

  5. This time of the year seems to be the worst for catching bugs and illnesses. They’re rife at my gym all the time, but the autumn/winter transition is terrible. I’ve avoided everything thus far, but there’s still time!

    I would probably sell my soul to win a trophy like that. It must be so amazing to be able to turn up and win a race when you’re not even at 100%, let alone to get an awesome prize for it 🙂

  6. I’m not sure what my next goal race is, I’m still just trying to run for fun without getting injured and build a base. The wave of sickness hit my office a few weeks ago and seems to be tapering – I still need a flu shot though, thanks for reminding me!

  7. I don’t leave the house for work or school, so I’m not sure if sickness is really going around, but I was also sick this week. Maybe it’s something about running half marathons but I often get sick after them? I was sick Mon night until Wednesday morning and like you, being sick I avoided some of non-running workouts I do. Sometimes it is better to get that extra rest or sleep!

    Great job on your 5K and hooray for negative splits. It’s always nice for the last mile to be the fastest and to sometimes pass people in that mile. Gives a big boost. Good luck in your upcoming half marathon as well!

  8. I’m trying my absolute best not to get sick at the moment- downing vitamin C like you have no idea, and wrapping up warm! I stayed out way too late though on Saturday night so I think my body’s gonna start paying for it soon…

  9. Great week of recovery and training- still able to recover but also get workouts in is huge!

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