Training: Cut Back Week

Looking back at my schedule I needed a recovery week.  It worked out well because honestly my body was exhausted from the RNR Half Marathon.  This week I have been eating a slice of humble pie because it takes far more time to recover from half marathons then 5ks. With the exception of todays raceI ran all of my runs easy.  To be honest I missed the track!  It’s funny how my interests and focus with running has changed.

Gone are the days where I slog easy for every run.   

This was essentially one of those easy weeks and I hated it!  An easier week was necessary because the half marathon broke my body down pretty hard.

I rested Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I ran easy.  I didn’t concern myself with time or pace.

I also got a deep tissue massage on Tuesday which really seemed to help my legs.  It was extremely painful because my calves were so tight but it was exactly what I needed.  By Friday I felt a lot better.

On Saturday I worked a local high school race “The Cherokee Challenge”.  Over 3500 kids competed and it was a lot of fun to see some of the kids I help and talk too “in their running zone”.  It was exhausting just watching.

On Sunday (today) I did decide to run the “Run the Vineyards” 10k. The course itself went through both Peach and Grape orchards. It was absolutely beautiful and was similar to a cross country or trail race. There were a few pavement areas but it was mostly around the Vineyards and grass. It was a nice change of terrain. I haven’t raced on cross country or trails since the Run for the Hill of it 5 Mile race.  I ran a 40:55 and placed second female overall!  Honestly that would have been a fast race for me if it was all road but it was almost all cross country.  It definitely motivated me and I’ll have a recap soon.

I don’t have a lot to report since recovery miles are boring. They were easy and uneventful. The weather was hot and humid so I was glad to take my recovery week this week as well.

Next week:

I’ll be hopefully getting back into routine and getting a track workout in. I miss track!

Questions for you:

How long do you take to recover from half marathons?

When I race them more frequently I recover faster…imagine that!

What is your favorite type of run to do (track, tempo, LSD (long slow distance)?

For me it used to be LSD but I think it might be the track right now!

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  1. It does not take me long to recover from anything other than a full marathon. Sometimes you have to take a break!!! I like any run as long as I am making progress. Have a great day

  2. It usually takes me a week to fully recover from a half but I don’t do them terribly often. I don’t think I have a favorite distance yet my body hasn’t decided yet 🙂 a run through orchards sounds so pretty! Sounds like you had fun

  3. i do a LOT of LSD. Heh. But really, for the ultra training it’s a lot of long distance and hills. Once I’m done with ultras (april 2016, at least temporarily) I’m switching back to short and fast bc I need to lose some weight!! Haha

  4. I had a recovery week two weeks ago and man was it awesome. You made a good call, you’ve been crushing it on all accounts all summer long!! As far as half recovery…well, I ran one today and I was planning one more tough week to follow it before my taper. I’ll see how it goes and adjust accordingly. You are right, the more you do them the faster the recovery period. Either way, you made a good decision to run easy even if it drove you nuts! Great job.

  5. I usually take about a week of to recover From half marathon.
    I like track and tempo workout,

    Happy running.

  6. You miss track!? Oh jeeeeze! I think I am just starting to get hooked on track workouts….so that means I will be thinking the grass is always greener….during marathon training I am sure I will be thinking the same as you haha. Runners are never happy!! So glad you are listening to your body with those recovery miles, those are actually the most important part as they keep you healthy! As for that race, sounds like so much fun, I am jumping in a race this weekend, and a little scared, but things like this remind me that they are fun!!

  7. It’s so interesting how training likes and dislikes change over time. I’ve been totally digging running lately and haven’t touched my bike in about a week–and the funny thing is, I don’t really want to. Who am I? Ha!

  8. It usually takes me about 3-4 days to recover from a hard half race. Sometimes up to a week. I love LSD runs, but I have really been enjoying mid-distance tempo lately.

  9. Nice job on the 10K! You are racking up the bling this season!!
    I was actually surprised at my recovery time for this past half. But, I’m so glad because I am supposed to be marathon training!!!

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