The Blue Swan Diner

The Blue Swan Diner

After the Belmar Chase last month, we decided to head to the Blue Swan Diner.  I realized I had never entered Ocean Township until going there.  We arrived around 11:30 on a Saturday and it actually wasn’t that busy.  We immediately found a seat.  That was a nice surprise because I assumed Saturday at brunch might be crowded.

Atmosphere: A 

The diner is cute.  They have their swan emblem on everything.  It looks modern, clean and nice.  There is a big salad bar in the center as well as a bakery in the back. I haven’t been to a diner with an all you can eat salad bar so it was a unique addition.  It was cute and I can appreciate a diner that runs with their theme.

Service: D 

The waitress was not the greatest.  She forgot our drink orders and only came back once o bring us the food.  She seemed upset that she was at work and gave off a sour vibe.  I felt as if we were annoying her by dining at the Blue Swan.

Coffee: B

The coffee was okay but not great.  There was nothing unique about it, in fact I forgot to take a photo until later.  Luckily I received one refill for the entire meal so I could double back and take a photo.   The coffee wasn’t good or bad but I do wish I received more than one refill.

Me Blue Swan Coffee

Food: A 

The food at Blue Swan saved them from a negative experience.  Everything looked fresh and it was delicious.  They had everything from breakfast staples to lunch and dinner.  The Blue Swan Diner has all of your modern diner staples.

After the race, the eggs, sausage, hash brown and toast special sounded good to me.  I honestly can’t remember the last time I had breakfast sausage.  It was really good.  I have been in an “over hard” egg mood lately.  The only thing that could have made it better would have been marbled rye toast.  The food was great and I have no complaints.

Blue Swan Eggs

Cost: $

For the coffee and meal it was $13.  Something I found interesting was the restaurant charged an extra dollar for each coffee with whipped cream.  I’ve never come across that before but it makes sense.

Overall thoughts/Would I come back:

I’m disappointed with the service of the restaurant but the food was good. I would probably come back in hopes the waitress was having a better day.

Atmosphere: A
Service: D
Coffee: B
Food: A
Overall: B

Questions for you:
What do you crave after races?
How many drink refills do you normally have?
For me normally 3 coffee refills but one million water refills.



4 responses

  1. ALL the water refills possible! I usually joke with the server that they should just bring over a pitcher to make it easier for everyone. 🙂

  2. I understand poor service, because Memphis has the worst cutomer service around. I have been to several restaurants where they just did not care, what they do not understand is that how you act reflects your tip. At least the food was good!

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