Asics Quantum Shoe Review

The Asics Gel Quantum came out a few months ago.  We brought in a limited amount at work.  Since I originally liked the gel nimbus I thought it would be a shoe I would like.

Is more gel better?  

The Gel Quantum has the most gel of any Asics shoe created.  Essentially runners wanted as much gel as possible and Asics listened to the feedback.  I tried on a pair at work and decided they were comfortable enough to try running in.

Asics Quantum Review

For those who don’t know I really liked the Gel Nimbus 16 but the 17s irritated the top of my feet.

Why run in a shoe that’s going to cause your feet to bleed?  After talking with a few in store customers I realized I was not the only one that the new upper effected.  Hopefully Asics is able to fix that in the gel nimbus 18.

Finally Asics did not send me these shoes and I’m not being paid to review the shoes. I’m just sharing my personal experience with the shoe.  Remember what works for me might not work for you because no two feet are the same.  I think that is the end of spiel.

Anyways to the Gel Quantum- 
Quick Stats:
Price: $170
Drop: 10mm
Weight 11.9 ounces for men and 9.9 for women

asics quantum


The top of the Asics Gel Quantum is a different material then other Asics models.  It’s got slits on the sides and the upper is completely different.  It breaths a little bit better then other models as well.  To be honest I also find the Quantum to fit the best of any Asics shoe I’ve tried.  I’ve always gone wide in the Asics brand but I have found this shoe to fit perfectly. I wear a regular size 10 which is the same as my usual size.

The Ride: 

There is gel across the entire bottom of the shoe.  Honestly it feels as heavy as you would imagine.  It’s the heaviest and most bulky running shoe I’ve ever owned.  It’s extremely comfortable but I can feel the weight of the shoe.  I like all of the gel and it’s a nice shoe to do my recovery runs in.

Overall thoughts:

I like the Asics Gel Quantum for recovery days. I think it’s a great shoe for feeling cushioned. I don’t foresee myself doing “normal” or fast paced runs because it’s too heavy. I would recommend it for anyone looking for a high cushioned shoe or someone who is injury prone.


  • Lots of cushion
  • Breathable and one of the best fitting Asics Shoes
  • Jazzy style


  • Expensive ($170)
  • Very heavy

I would recommend it for any neutral runner who likes a lot of cushion. I would also recommend this to anyone who runs in the Asics Cumulus or Asics Nimbus would enjoy extra cushion.  Anyone who runs in Hokas might enjoy this as well. It’s a high end and very cushioned neutral shoe.

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Questions for you:
Have you tried the Asics Gel Quantum?
Do you prefer high cushioned shoes or minimalist, light weight shoes?