Recovery, Cross Training & Core

Last week I raced twice…

Scott Coffee 8k

Woodbury 5k

That effected this weeks training because I needed a lot more recovery than anticipated. It’s fine though because I would rather recover well than push it and become injured.

To be honest, I felt great on Sunday during the race but I’ve been sore all week.  I woke up on Tuesday needing an extra rest day so I took one. Instead of running on my “normal” rest day, I decided to do some cross training.

Monday: 10.7 miles easy Core
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 10.5 miles easy Core
Thursday: 60 minutes AMT/cross train Core
Friday: 10 miles with coworker
Saturday: Flag Day Trail 10k 7:15 (Recap to come) Core
Sunday: 10 miles easy

I’ve been integrating 15-minute core routines from the Nike Training Club App (nonsponsored). I like that the workouts are short and concise.  I tell myself I can dedicate 15 minutes to walk down to the gas station for coffee, I can dedicate 15 minutes for core.

On Saturday, I was part of a special trail 5k/10k.  This was more than a “race” because it was a race to help a cause I’m passionate about and part of my husband’s work. It wasn’t a “PRing” course but a trail course with lots of sand, hills and even a hurdle jump over a log.  It was really awesome the base put this together.  

Next weeks training: 

Surprisingly I have no racing plans next week.  My brother will be graduating college so I’m traveling up to NYC.

I’m excited to spend some quality time with my family and celebrate his graduation.  Can you believe my brother graduates on my Mom (and nieces) birthday, which is the day before Father’s Day?  (Talk about a run on confusing sentence!) It’s a busy weekend!

It will be nice to have some downtime though.  I’ll still run (whether it’s on a treadmill or outdoors).

Questions for you:

How long does it take you to recover from races?

What kind of core workouts do you like?