Recovery, Cross Training & Core

Last week I raced twice…

Scott Coffee 8k

Woodbury 5k

That effected this weeks training because I needed a lot more recovery than anticipated. It’s fine though because I would rather recover well than push it and become injured.

To be honest, I felt great on Sunday during the race but I’ve been sore all week.  I woke up on Tuesday needing an extra rest day so I took one. Instead of running on my “normal” rest day, I decided to do some cross training.

Monday: 10.7 miles easy Core
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 10.5 miles easy Core
Thursday: 60 minutes AMT/cross train Core
Friday: 10 miles with coworker
Saturday: Flag Day Trail 10k 7:15 (Recap to come) Core
Sunday: 10 miles easy

I’ve been integrating 15-minute core routines from the Nike Training Club App (nonsponsored). I like that the workouts are short and concise.  I tell myself I can dedicate 15 minutes to walk down to the gas station for coffee, I can dedicate 15 minutes for core.

On Saturday, I was part of a special trail 5k/10k.  This was more than a “race” because it was a race to help a cause I’m passionate about and part of my husband’s work. It wasn’t a “PRing” course but a trail course with lots of sand, hills and even a hurdle jump over a log.  It was really awesome the base put this together.  

Next weeks training: 

Surprisingly I have no racing plans next week.  My brother will be graduating college so I’m traveling up to NYC.

I’m excited to spend some quality time with my family and celebrate his graduation.  Can you believe my brother graduates on my Mom (and nieces) birthday, which is the day before Father’s Day?  (Talk about a run on confusing sentence!) It’s a busy weekend!

It will be nice to have some downtime though.  I’ll still run (whether it’s on a treadmill or outdoors).

Questions for you:

How long does it take you to recover from races?

What kind of core workouts do you like?

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  1. Hey Hollie! I love the new look of your site! Cute pic of you at the top. I’m going to look up that core app you referred to because all I do now are 100 sit-ups per day. It’s fine and everything (I do like to keep things as simple as possible) but I should probably add some variety in there. I’m looking forward to reading your race report for the 10k. I recovered quickly from my half a couple of weeks ago, but I’m running a 10k next weekend, and the shorter race is a different animal. Should be interesting.

  2. I say this all the time, but my ALL-TIME favorite core workout is the “Victoria’s Secret Abs” by Blogilates. Seriously, I was like “this won’t do anything” but about 3 years later I am still doing it at least twice a week! It really does hit all the right areas, not just the abnominals!

    You do have a busy weekend! Hopefully it’ll be nice up there!

    1. I love Blogilates! I just started doing her videos as well! I love how she is so positive and encouraging!

  3. Most of my body recovers really quickly and well from races! It’s just a shame I can’t disown my right hand side from the waist down.

    I like core workouts that focus more on planks and weights than crunches. I really don’t see the point of doing millions of crunches at all…particularly when you could get a much more effective workout simply by deadlifting something remotely heavy.

    I’d definitely like to hear more about that 10K – it sounds amazing!

  4. I’m really glad you made time for extra recovery between two really tough racing weekends. It used to take me a few days to recover from a (5K) race, but, since I’ve been racing more frequently, my recovery has improved dramatically. I also love core workouts and I think they make a huge difference in your running efficiency. I loled at your (excellent) point: if you have time for coffee, you have time for core.

  5. To complement my running, I do vinyasa style yoga. Tons and tons of core work. We do planks, side planks, mountain climber-ish moves…hard to explain if you don’t know the style, but we work on core strength throughout class.
    I also like Pilates because you are constantly engaging the abs.

  6. Its good you can be honest with yourself (and us), as that will make SUCH a big difference. I know I struggle with that sometimes, its so hard to listen to that voice, when it means admitting you are not “okay” with everything, especially if it means backing off training. I tend to recover quickly from almost everything, except marathons apparently haha. Every time I have had a setback, but you seem to recover well from those 🙂 Maybe our bodies can trade off a little 😉 Enjoy your time with fam!

  7. I do my corework right after running. I’m already warmed up, so there’s no excuse. I usually do a ton of planks and crunch variations. Nothing special, but since becoming more diligent about it, I’ve definitely noticed a difference on the bike.

  8. I need more corework in my life. Thanks for reminding me to use NTC. I’ve used it a couple times but just never think to.

  9. I try to incorporate my core while doing stabilizing exercises. Usually balancing on Bosu balls, but I also love planks. While I’m horrible at them, I really believe they’re extremely effective in strengthening my core all over. Depending on the race, it usually takes me anywhere from 3-7 days to feel fully recovered. Even after shorter, faster races, I think it takes me longer to get my legs back under me on runs. Sounds like an exciting weekend coming up and congrats to your brother! : )

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