So you want to start a blog?

Most of my friends in real life know I like to blog.  I don’t hide but I don’t promote it either.  I figured if people want to read it, they will.  This isn’t school and reading LOLZ blog isn’t an assignment.

Many friends that don’t blog have asked me…should I start a blog about my life?  


In the last few years blogging has become extremely popular. New blogs pop up daily and blogging has become more commercialized. Some people make full time salaries from blogging alone (spoiler: that is not me).  

I posted a few months ago “how to start your own blog” but it leads to the question…should you start your own blog? 

If any of the answers are YES, you should indeed start a blog.  Of course the topic is always up to you…I chose to blog about running, coffee and diners because that’s my cup of joe.

Here is a list of questions you should ask yourself… 

  1. Do you find yourself writing facebook statuses that almost always include “click here to read more”? In blogging you can write 10 million word blog posts and never have to click here for more!  (Hashtag ain’t nobody got time for that).  If most of your Facebook statuses and text messages are mini novels…blogging is for you. facebook like
  1. Do you have a certain skill set that many people ask questions about?  I’m sorry, I can’t tell you how I got hooked on gas station coffee with whipped cream or traveling around the state of NJ to go to diners…If you already have a clear theme, then yes blogging is for you.

    The coffee life.
    The coffee life.
  1. Are you really awkward in real life?  Can you easily type thoughts onto the computer but in real time you can’t keep up? (Hashtag: can we just text our life away?)

    The answer is I selfie in a 200 dollar "bat" top.  What is this high fashion stuff?
    The answer is yes…as I selfie in a 200 dollar “bat” top. What is this high fashion stuff?
  1. Do you often forget what you do throughout the day?  Think of blogging as an online diary of your life.  What was I doing June 10, 2012?  I was living at home for the summer, working and had just gotten home from a wedding.  Thank you blogging for allowing me to look that up!
  1. Finally: Are you ready and commited to meeting people off the internet? In order to keep blogging you must exist in real life too. It gives you something to actually blog about!  Because blogging about blogging is really boring…

    Going to a blog convention! Wahoo.
    Going to a blog convention! Wahoo.

Question for you:

Why did you start blogging?

I found I talked about myself too much in real life…now if people don’t care they can just X out of the post (kidding).