Llanerch Diner 

Last week I ventured to Pennsylvania for my first PA diner review. It was actually a shorter drive then many diners in NJ.  I got to finally meet up with Lauren!   Lauren was one of the first bloggers I started to read (roughly 5 years ago)..She has gone through 8 knee surgeries and is one of the strongest people I’ve met.

lauren and i

We decided to meet at the Llanerch diner (which has taken me ten times to type out and spell). The Llanerch diner is located in Upper Darby, PA but also has a location in Vorhees, NJ (named the Vorhees diner).   Good them for not calling it the Llanerch diner 2.

llanerch diner sign
Atmosphere: B 

This Llanerch diner is a lot smaller than I imagined! We had both researched it beforehand and the photos make it appear to be a lot larger then it actually is. The inside is old and you can tell this diner has been around for quite some time. If it’s been around it must be good, right?

The waitress was not the greatest. She seemed to disappear into the back for long periods of time. While we never complained, we noticed several of her tables did.  We overheard two separate tables (we were in there a while) complain to the manager.

Coffee: A

The coffee was really good. While I would have liked more refills I have no complaints about the taste. The mug was nice and I wish they had them for sale too. I could tell how old the restaurant was because the durable mug had multiple chips, dents and peices missing. It looked like it had been through the dishwasher several times.

Side chips

Side chips

Food: B

The menu was not the largest diner menu but not the smallest either. I debated between the asparagus and lox salad and the Greek. I ultimately went with the Greek salad. I know, I’m so predictable lately!

I got the beef orzo soup.  It was decent but at the end of the day not my thing.

llanerch diner soup

It was one of the smaller diner salads I’ve had. It contained greens, onions, olives, grape leaves, anchovies and 10 blocks of feta cheese (I counted because it seemed like there was more cheese than salad). I ordered a side of pita bread and salmon. It wasn’t a bad salad but it wasn’t great either. It was oozing with dressing and oil, which caused it to be more filling!

llanerch diner salad 1


My salad and coffee was 21. Honestly for the cost and the amount you received, I don’t think it was a great deal.

Overall thoughts/would I come back?

The Llanerch diner is decent but it wasn’t a diner I would drive too. If someone wanted to meet there, I wouldn’t say no but left to myself I would dine elsewhere.

Cliff notes:

Atmosphere: B

Coffee: A

Food: B

Price: $8-20

Overall: B

Questions for you:

Have you ever complained about restaurant service?

The woman behind us brought the manager over to complain.

What is one of your favorite restaurant meals?

Lauren and I talked about this for a while. I struggle with making decent home salads and eggs so order those a lot. She likes pancakes (one of the few foods I can make)


10 responses

  1. I think the best thing about this diner was meeting you HAHA! I thought your salad was big so I want to see the other salads you get from these diners!!! I cannot wait to meet again and, possibly, go shopping one day with the oodles and oodles of money we have saved up (biggets lolz).

    “Nom nom nom” on the coffee mugs… Someone was hungry.

  2. I love that beat up coffee mug! I hope someday I have coffee mugs that are just as old and “loved.” Now we NEED to find the Voorhees diner. Hopefully they have better service!

  3. I kinda like “loved” coffee mugs (as Liz said) at diners :). We have a few around here that have coffee mugs that are completely random and I like that, instead of a plain coffee mug or one with the restaurant’s name on it. The salad you had looks good but it does look full of feta cheese! It is hard sometimes for restaurants to get the toppings-to-greens ratio exactly right, I guess. Glad you and Lauren got to meet and I love reading both your blogs :).

  4. I always do that with cheese too! especially in France.. they just don’t know when to stop haha!
    Complaining about food service is like second nature. Thinking about it, i’m actually way too picky and bitchy when i’m being served. I should probably be more open minded. My favorite meal is by far the classic BLT sandwich with sweet potato fries!

  5. I’ve never complained about service because you never know the bad that wait staff has had. It might be unprofessional, but we all have those days. I also work in food service so I get it.

    • I agree that you never know what a person is going through. I don’t complain unless it’s something that is really bothersome.

  6. The drink + whipped cream looked pretty darn amazing to me, and your salad looked super yummy! However it seems like the place wasn’t ‘all that’, I personally don’t like super greasy salads, I mean isn’t the whole point of a salad freshness and lightness? Once when we went to a super fancy indian restaurant, there where some eyelash hairs in our salad! They seemed so embarrassed when we told them, and all they did was give us free samosas (not complaining… but still ;)).

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