Week 6: Change of Scenery

This week of training was decent. It wasn’t great and it wasn’t terrible. Despite the cooler temperatures, my body didn’t feel the greatest. I think that has been a common theme of the month (hashtag most boring runner ever). I was reflecting with someone that when the warmer months come, my body gets slower and I get more frustrated. The months of June-August normally bring one of two things for me:

  1. I end up injured (plantar fasciitis and my stress fracture both happened in the summer).
  2. I just get frustrated with running and inconsistently train which leads nowhere.

I’m going for a new mentality of consistently train through the summer and see if I can come out on top. I have added a few new races to my schedule throughout the summer so hopefully that will keep me busy and healthy.

Monday: 10.5 with T
Tuesday: 11 Around base watching planes
Wednesday: 10.8
Thursday: Off
Friday: 7.3
Saturday: Scott Coffee 8k (32:44) 6:35
Sunday: 5k (19:40) 6:23 

All of my weekday runs were easy and relaxed. There was nothing exciting about the runs but it was nice to change it up. I ran around the base on Tuesday,.  It was nice to be completely removed from my normal routes. Other then that I have been building my base. My goal is to keep it very consistent with running this summer.

The 8k race yesterday was hot and humid. I will have a recap on Tuesday but I managed to keep roughly the same pace as the 5ks I ran last month as well as the 10 miler. I’m not pleased with how my races have been going but I’m healthy and uninjured. I’m enjoying running with friends and racing at a healthy state (which is always the most important goal)! I know adding more speed and readjusting to shorter races will take a while though. Marathon training doesn’t happen overnight and neither does shorter distance training.

me running scott coffee

From the race yesterday!  (For those who don’t know…I also dyed my hair last week…blonde.  I posted a photo on instagram here.

With that another week of healthy running is complete. I had a great week and enjoyed “mixing it up”. I feel like it kept my mind and body much happier.

Questions for you:

How do you train for shorter races?

How do you mix and switch it up when you get bored?

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  1. I like the new hair, saw the picture last week and thought it was cute, good change for the summer. I also think it’s fun you ran around the base to build your base :).

    As far as changing it up with routes, I like to run races in different parts of Charleston. I am doing a series and we had Race #3 and I am getting a bit tired of that course. I ran a race on Sullivan’s Island Saturday which was a nice change (even if it was close to a 40 minute drive). I will drive somewhere new and run- hello, running field trip- or run with a different person than usual at a group run.

    Can’t wait to read about your 8K! Glad you are able to train consistently, that is also my big goal this summer. I am not set on any time goals until it cools down!

  2. I was kind of relieved to read this to know that I am not the only one who kind of fizzles out during the summer. As hard as it is to motivate myself to run in the middle of Winter (this past one not included since I cheated and escaped it), I struggle more to run “well” during the summer months. Come to think of it, both of my injuries (shin splints and stress fracture) happened after summer training, too. I’m kind of on the verge of a pretty bad slump – I think the humidity got to me and my allergies have been tiring me out. I have no idea how to switch things up to get me back on track…

    1. I would def get out of the slump! I hope you are able to stay injury free this summer Alison 🙂

    2. Ugh allergies like crazy here too!! Try making sure you’re well hydrated and I’ve heard eating local honey daily helps allergies?? I’m experimenting with the theory lol

  3. For some reason, I’m really having trouble getting my ass out the door. I was going to just go for a long walk today but I decided to go on the elliptical. Maybe it’s the fact it’s hot… Or I’m scared about my knee… Or I’d rather read, zone out, and look like a hot mess in private…

    Or all three. 😉

    I always feel like my body shuts down from the heat, so I understand your feelings about being injured in the summer. It probably has a lot to do with improper hydration and levels of electrolytes, etc. Then, the body just breaks down. It’s nice to not be freezing, but it’s not always nice to be unable to breathe either haha!

  4. Your hair looks great! I switch up my shoes and routes to keep boredom at bay. I also listen to different podcasts so things feel different.

  5. Reading this I felt your sentiments totally. I’ve added more trail running and that seems to help. I’ve also added more weight training in the gym but i miss just running. I’ve never really trained for the shorter races. I’ve used them as tune-ups for my marathon training but never seriously trained strictly for a short distance. I wonder how fast I could get if I did…hmmmm lol I’m just counting my running days down until fall!! Not that I mean to wish my life away though… I keep trying to remind myself that summer is for relaxing and recharging for the more serious days ahead.

  6. For shorter races, I do 600m repeats on track or pavement. Sometimes hill repeats but ive needed to work on leg turn over. After the half marathon in Pittsburgh last month, I needed a break from long races and work on short races like 5 and 10ks. Set a new PR for 5k this past weekend and got 3rd in 1st ever 10yr AG. Very small race, perfect conditions and 100% recovered. Leg turnovers are paying off so far. Sub 9:30-9:00 in past 2-5ks and 3rd places as rewards. 600m repeats were a staple workout back in high school for mile and 2mile 🙂

    1. I’m so happy for you Phil! That is awesome and I’m glad it worked out well for you.

  7. Nice hair! And well done for doing an awesome 5km time the day after another superfast time! I have DOMS too much these days after races…must be getting old 😉 For shorter races I do 2-3 speedwork sessions a week. I only do 1 for marathons, and mix it up with a tempo and long run for my 3rd and 4th session. That mixes things up a bit!

  8. I love that you get to race so much!! I’m always scrambling to find 5Ks in my area and it’s kind of frustrating! I also LOVE the hair – wow!!! I hope you stay injury free this summer but I totally get what you’re saying about the body changes with the heat.

  9. The humidity has definitely affected my workouts the past few weeks. I’m sure the rib situation played a role too, but it’s been so much harder to simply breathe. I really don’t know how folks who live down south do it. I do much better with colder temperatures–but that’s probably from growing up in the tundra. 🙂

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