Recovery Week 2

This week can best be summarized as living my life, working and doing me. I had no sudden interest to cross train like it’s my job. That being said I did have an urge to do something.  I didn’t want to sit around completely for 4-5 weeks but I didn’t want to feel pressured as if I had to cross train through this injury.  I waited until I actually wanted to work out or do anything.  This injury is different from any I’ve ever had mentally.  Mentally, I’ve always struggled with injuries and recovering.  I think that is because I was in college and had a “race” that I was preparing for.  There were no second, 3rd or fourth races…there were no cross country championships every week.  While I had a marathon I was training for, there are plenty of marathons in the sea of running.  I’m also a little bit older and maybe wiser (in running at least) that I know there will be a time I will be running again.  This isn’t the end of the world and I shouldn’t make it the end of the world.

Cross training: 

On Monday, I got into the pool. It felt surprisingly nice. On Tuesday, lifted a few weights (realistically I just gossiped with a friend lifted a couple things).  As much as I would like to say I worked out, it was really a social hour for me. Thursday and Saturday I went swimming. Nothing hurt more while swimming (I kind of do a one leg flip turn thing and use a pull buoy).  So I consider it a success.

Foot recovery:

My foot  saw drastic improvement until Wednesday. Wednesday it seemed to hurt a lot more and combined with being tired, it put me in a foul mood overall. I felt as if I was making great progress towards healing and then Wednesday, I just hurt.  Thursday it felt “more normal” again, so I learned not to judge recovery by a single day. That being said, I’m no longer limping at all. I’m not going to break any race walker records but I’m also beating the elderly crowd into the diner.

I know I’m making slow steps but I’m at the stage where I’m not grateful for the progress I am making.  I want more progress and I want it faster.  It doesn’t work like that so I’ll stay content and not rush anything.  All in all I’m making the progress the doctor expected me to make, so my recovery is good.

This is kind of the general foot pain for the week in summary.  One day I’ll go back and get my art degree, and 10000 dollar camera for blogging…but today is not that day.

pain chart1

Bone density thoughts:

Something I’ve been realistically worried about was my bone density. While I’m not underweight and haven’t lost my period, it’s still a realistic concern. I’ve had two bone breaks in the last year. I was it by a cyclist last year (that ended with a small fracture) as well as this stress fracture that seemed to come out of nowhere. I decided to schedule a doctors appointment on Tuesday to get blood work done.  I would rather be safe than sorry in that situation.  Osteoporosis is a big deal and something that you cannot bandaid later in life.

I drink milk almost everyday and by eyeballing my nutrition for a few days, I get about 200% of my daily calcium intake through milk, yogurt and cheese. That being said calcium isn’t the only factor and who knows how much my body is absorbing. I do realize there are other vitamins that play a huge role in calcium absorption too.

All of my worries were put away as the doctor said I have strong bones and all of my blood-work came out normal. It honestly really surprised me. I was expecting to be low in something (anything) because of both bone breaks.  I might be over-analyzing because I was hit by a cyclist but in my opinion, two breaks is a lot. It’s positive I am within my ranges but it still doesn’t explain where my stress fracture came from.

I would say in total in this week was a very positive week for me both mentally and physically.  I got some nice easy workouts in the pool and I am recovering well.  Mentally I feel pretty good overall too.

Questions for you:
How much calcium do you get daily? What are your main sources?
How was your first week of September?