Red Oak Diner and Bakery

I haven’t been to a diner in a while that has been bad.  That being said this particular diner wasn’t my favorite and would rank in my bottom two.

I met two of my favorite people Amelia and Danielle at the Red Oak Diner and Bakery near Princeton, NJ.  We had heard nothing but good things about it so thought we might as well try it.  Plus we needed to catch up on gossip so had too go somewhere.  Every time I hang out with them, we always forget to take a photo….this weekend we are totally doing it.  By next time I mean tomorrow…

Atmosphere: B

The atmosphere of the Red Oak Diner in general was just meh.  At 11:30 am there were three different parties in the restaurant.  The diner itself lacked décor or anything interesting.  It wasn’t gross or ugly, there was just nothing exciting about it (at all).  I felt like I was in grandma’s kitchen…

Coffee: B

The coffee was okay.  I don’t really have anything to say about it because there was nothing interesting or exciting about it.

Food: C

The menu was large but by no means not the largest diner menu I’ve seen.  They had breakfast, a few salads and hamburgers.  Both Danielle and I ordered the Greek salad with salmon.  Amelia ordered a burger.

On the menu the Greek salad came with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, feta, peppers grape leaves and pita bread.  It wasn’t until the waitress came back with the food was that we found out they were out of pita bread.  I wish she would have told me earlier because I would have ordered something else.

Red Oak Diner Princeton greek salad

The salad itself was in the bottom half of the salads I’ve had at diners.  The salmon was frozen and reheated and the dressing was dumped on.  It was like frozen salmon, dry salad greens and then soup at the bottom.  It wasn’t awful or not edible but it wasn’t anything to write home about.

Cost: $

It was 13.50 for the salad which wasn’t expensive at all.  That being said, I wouldn’t have paid anymore for it.  It wasn’t expensive but it still wasn’t worth it to me.

Overall thoughts/Will I be back?

It was just a meh diner.  It wasn’t awful but it wasn’t great by any means.  It was in the bottom five diners I’ve been too so far.  So to answer the question, no I won’t be back.  I would probably go to the Princetonion down the road.

Questions for you:

 What was the last restaurant meal you were disappointed with? 

Have you ever been to Princeton before? 


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  1. My mom and I went out for Mexican yesterday and it was disappointing. The shrimp in my quesadilla were obviously frozen and from a bag, and they live in a small town so I don’t expect the greatest Mexican food there but it was just sad… I think I am used to living in a foodie city and Mexican restaurants here just can’t get away with that like they can in a small town. I had fun because I was there with my mom and we had a good time, so that kinda made up for the less than desirable food. This diner doesn’t seem too impressive to me either.

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