WG Week 4: When Will this week be Over?

This week stunk as far as training goes.  It feels like that has been a trend in marathon training for me.  I do well for a few days then something comes out and effects part or all of my weekly training.  Although it’s still very early into training, I’m hoping I can shake it and have weeks I’m 100% confident about.

This week I got sick on Tuesday evening and decided I needed to take both Wednesday and Thursday off.  I wasn’t feeling 100% by Saturday so ended up skipping the race and just running easy.   I really wanted to run the Scott Coffee Run but it didn’t seem worth it to me to run while not feeling the greatest.  I decided to look into a 10k at the end of the month instead.

So far 2 out of 4 weeks have not gone as planned.  It stinks but it’s something you have to accept with training.   I almost didn’t write this post but I always like to stay honest with myself and with readers.  Sometimes training is frustrating and not all sunshine and butterflies.

I also worked 10 hour days (with an hour commute).  That made for the week to feel neverending.  On Friday night though, someone appeared at the store with flowers.  He knew the week had been rough for me and it really made my night.

That being said I’m glad today is my last work shift of that period and that I was able to get so many hours before leaving for VA.  It was a tough to work that long at night (home at 9pm and leaving for work again by 9 am) but I won’t complain about getting a lot of hours.  I won’t complain about my job at all because I really enjoy it.

I’ll just complain that my training stunk and I skipped a race that I wanted to do.  There will be more races though.

Long story short this week wasn’t exactly what I wanted for training.   I have 16 more weeks to get back into the groove so let’s hope at least 1 is productive.

Next Weeks Training:

I’m heading back to VA for my brother’s graduation.  I’m hoping to be back in the 70 miles per week and also do the CHKD 8k in Norfolk.  We will see what curve balls I’m thrown next week.  (knock on wood).

Questions for you:

What kind of curve balls have you had in your training?

What are your work hours?

Generally I’ll work 10-7 or 10-8.   I’ve worked all sorts of hours from 8:30-4:30, 12-8…


  1. Seriously, this week was the pits–long, weird, and absolutely never-ending. TG it’s over. My work hours are all over the place. Most days, it’s somewhere between 9-10a to 5-6p, although I’m 8-4:30p on Saturdays. I’m definitely more productive in the morning, so the sooner I get in, the better.

  2. I work 8:30 to 4:00, having a set schedule definitely makes things easier to work out everything else, such as pickup the kids, get my runs in, errands, etc.

  3. I work 7-730. But by the time you had driving its more like 14 hours, but luckily that means I have 4 days off a week. The 12s still kick butt
    Im sorry you had a rough training week, I bet that is really frustrating, but you always seem to get right back up and kick butt. So I know you’ve got this 🙂

  4. The highlight is the fact you love where you work right now. I think it’s really good you found a position in a running store because… well, #runtalk. Sorry these training weeks aren’t going as planned but sometimes you have to have really bad times to experience really good times <3

  5. Now that the legislative session is over, my workdays have gone from 10-12 hours to a more normal 8-hour day. Usually off to work by 7:30 and heading home by 5:00. I love summer. 🙂

    Training curve balls…who doesn’t have them? They are things that prepare you for adversity that often comes in the marathon itself. I haven’t run a marathon yet without having a moment or more that made it more challenging. With such a long time until October, you’ll have more than one week with something that you have to fight through, conquer, or simply endure. Such is the marathon – and if you think about it – such is life. 🙂

  6. I’m sorry you had a rough week! I always look at that as a reason to bounce back better than ever next week. Hopefully you enjoy your trip to Virginia!
    My current curveball in my training is that yesterday during my run I started feeling stabbing pains in my shin! Ice, motrin, and the couch have suddenly become my best friends. I’m already having problems staying positive about it resolving in a few days.

  7. I’ve had a nice thrown a nice big fat curveball thrown at me. Unfortunately it hit me in the cuboid bone and requires 8 weeks off. Yuck.

    Training while working full time and commuting is tough. I had the hour long commute deal for awhile after graduation and just kinda stopped running (this was years ago, so I wasn’t “training” at all anyway). I was just so tired after work that I didn’t do much of anything. Commuting is just so… mind numbing. My work hours now are generally 7:30 or 8 am to 4:30 or 5 PM- they were the same when I was in the office as well. I get an hour for lunch but that’s flexible (can take longer or shorter, just gotta work 8 hours per day). I also have the world’s best commute, which I thank for making running, training, and working out so easy.

    Hope you find a new race and good luck with next week’s training! You still have a long time until the marathon so hopefully all the kinks will be out of the way early with your training.

  8. I’ve had so many weeks like this! Especially when marathon training…it’s hard for me to get longer runs in during the work week. A missed run here and there is frustrating, but as long as your overall consistency is good you will be fine! You’re an amazing runner! I’m running wineglass too so maybe I’ll see you there!

  9. Good thing about marathon training, you do a lot of it! One bad workout, or a whole week of them will not set the tone for your training, the hiccups make the highs much better!

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