Lucille’s Country Kitchen

While this restaurant doesn’t have diner in the title, it does have “Country Kitchen” and I assume that is a diner.  When you walk in there is no question about it. It is a diner.This is the old school, middle of nowhere, small town diner.  Located in the Secret forest of NJ, this restaurant is literally in the middle of nowhere.

Lucille’s Country Kitchen is located in Warren Grove, NJ.  If you blink you might miss the entire town. 

Atmosphere: A

When walking in you immediately notice this is an adorable family owned buisness. The entire staff is somehow related (cousins, parents, children).  It was too cute.  They had lots of magazine clippings, students photos and just family photos on the wall.  I found it particalary adorable.  The restaurant itself fits about 10 parties.

Food: B

I ordered a Greek salad with toast.  I needed to carbload for the big day at the Casino ahead. The salad was not big at all but was also not expensive.  I wasn’t expecting a high class, five star salad but it was good.  I really enjoyed the big green stuffed olives the best. The toast was buttered (which just makes it good).  All in all, while the food portion was small it was still tasty and I have no complaints.


Coffee: A

They were more than happy to give me whipped cream on my coffee.  They even thought it was a great idea.  (then I forgot to take a photo before the whip cream had melted).  But the coffee was refilled often, was perfectly burnt and had whipped cream.  They also had slightly taller than normal glasses which will always bump up the score.  Honestly, I would go here just to get their coffee.

Price: $

For two meals and two coffees it was 23 dollars.  I probably ordered the most expensive thing on the menu because most meals were 5 dollars.  (mine was 9.99).  This is probably the cheapest diner I’ve reviewed.

Would I go back?

If I got the urge to go back I would.  It’s not bad but I can’t say it’s 100% my style of diner.  There is absoluetely nothing wrong with it at all and it’s adorable but there are places closer to me that I like better.

Questions for you:

Have you ever been to a small family owned restaurant?  Smallest town you have been too?

Diner question: How do you like your eggs? 

My favorite are sunny side up.

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  1. I *love* small family owned restaurants. We have one here called Bluerose Cafe and it’s similar, very delicious. The whole time you’re there you feel like you’re at your grandma’s house or something. It sounds like your meal was super cheap too, always a plus, but when the restaurant isn’t really close sometimes it’s not really cheaper.

    I like scrambled eggs with cheese, but I get salads (especially Greek salads) a lot when we go out.

  2. Ma and Pa restaurants are my favorite! I love everything about them!!! I’ve had some of the best food in little hole in the wall diners! We have SO many in Wisconsin. Anytime I got on a road trip my family and I will choose a place we’ve never heard of at least once each trip. That’s my favorite part.

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