Town and Country Diner (Bordentown)

Town and Country Diner (Bordentown)

The Town and Country Diner (Bordentown) was the first diner I went to in NJ.  In fact, I have been going to the Town and Country Diner for several years.  When my family drove from VA to NYC, we used to stop at the Town and Country Diner in Bordentown.  I just thought it was an excellent restaurant, never in a million years did I think I would be adding it to my diner review board.  (Never in a million years did I think in college I will start a blog that will eventually lead to me running and visiting various diners…).

Town and Country Diner Atmosphere: A

The parking lot at the Town and Country Diner is enormous.  Every space in the parking lot (probably 100 spaces) could be filled, and you won’t wait very long for a seat.

At the Town and Country Diner, there is the main dining area but also the back room.  Dad always jokes that if the customer looks fancy, they take them to the lounge area, and if they look like they are in a rush, they do to the front diner area.  We’ve sat in both.

Coffee:  A

I started going to the Town and Country Diner before I knew the hidden secret of coffee and whipped cream.  I ask for whipped cream now, and they were able to do it.  The coffee and whipped cream at the Town and Country Diner are good but not out of the ordinary.


Town and Country Diner Food: B

The Town and Country Diner has one of the biggest menus of any diner. I know I’ve said that several times but if you can’t find what you are looking for here…you probably can’t find it anywhere.

At the Town and Country Diner, I’ve ordered…

The smoked salmon omelet:


The Goat Cheese salad:



It’s good food, but it’s not out of the ordinary.

Price: $$$

This is one the pricer diners.  For two dinner meals with drinks and dessert, it was 55 total.  It was good food and filling so I didn’t feel the money was wasted.

Would I return to the Town and Country Diner (Bordentown)?

Yes, I’ll return occasionally.  Although with several delicious diners in the area, it’s not eh first one I would return too now.

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Questions for you:

Do you have a spot you normally stop on road trips?

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  1. Mmm. That salad looks yum! Yes, I have a couple of stops on a road trip that are routine. My family and I leave today actually to travel from San Diego to New Mexico! I miss my NM green chile and that’s why we stop at a few places while traveling. Now to fit in marathon training week 1 while on vacation. We’ll, I’m going to try my best and see how it goes.

  2. I like your grading system! I’m not usually a big diner fan only because it can be hard to find something vegetarian but that goat cheese salad looks good!

  3. We have a dish here called “The Mess” which is an egg scramble with curried potatoes and veggies, and usually that’s what I get when we go out to our favorite diner. But last night I had the spinach, squash, and cheese omelet and it was good as well. I think your salad looks delicious though. I get omelets a lot because I can’t ever make them right at home (so hard to figure out turning it) and I eat salads a lot, just being vegetarian it’s always my go-to option. This diner seems really good, love that there’s a lot of parking… we don’t have that here.

  4. We rarely make stops on road trips to be honest. I just get myself into the mindset of “Gotta get to the end point.”
    Goats cheese in a salad would make it for me! I’ve become a bit of a goat’s cheese addict just recently!

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