Five Secrets about Buying Running Shoes

Five Secrets about Buying Running Shoes Working in a running store, I get to learn a lot about running, in general, new products and of course shoes.  When I began working at the running store, I knew of the show I liked but not much else.  Like anyone, I went through the whole process of […]

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Existing in Real Life? Maybe….Maybe…Maybe Not…

I haven’t posted a lot about my life lately because I’ve been boring but also busy.  Between work and volunteering, I haven’t even had a lot of time to meet with friends at diners much.  (You know I must be busy then!)  If I haven’t seen or talked to you in a while, my apologies. […]

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A Day in the Life…

Every few months I try and write a “What I ate Wednesday post”.  My food doesn’t change a lot. All of my dinners are simple and easy to prepare.  I would prefer to spend time doing other things versus cooking for hours.  I can guarantee that 90% of my dinners consist of meat, vegetables and […]

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I’ve gotten several requests over the last few months about what I eat daily (And by that I mean maybe 3 in 2 months).  As a self proclaimed walmart foodie shopper I can’t say I’m that thrilling of an eater but I did go out of my way to remember to take photos.  By going […]

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Fall into Being Busy

I’m glad other people can relate to being boring and adult (IE: yesterday’s post). I feel like September is one of the most busy times of the year.  For students, you are getting back into the nitty gritty of class and courses.  For offices there is something about fall that screams “new and fresh start”.  […]

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