A Boring Training Week

This week has been a cut back week.  It’s been nice because I’ve been busy and waking up at 5:15 daily to run has not appealed to me.  That being said the week went exactly as planned and today is the Atlantic City half marathon.

Monday OFF  
Tuesday 12.5 untimed
Wednesday 13.2 8:20
Thursday 11.7 Tempo with Tim Overall 7:24
Friday OFF  
Saturday 6 untimed
Sunday Race  
Total: 60ish…  



After logging my first 80 mile week in a while, 60 miles feels a lot lighter.  I felt good during all of these runs.  Tuesday’s run was easy and untimed.  Wednesday was also uneventful.

The tempo on Thursday I ran with Tim.  I almost never run my “harder” runs with anyone because I like to focus on myself.  I also don’t like to run with people when I do worry about that pace.  It doesn’t make the run (in my opinion) as enjoyable.  I was really tired and didn’t think I would get out the door if I did not ask if he wanted to run with me. (I was lucky he had the day off actually).  I’m glad I did make it out the door and the run felt good.  Those runs are the ones I know give me confidence for a good race.  I hate the hour before but after I feel 10 times better.

I posted this is on my facebook page, but this is truly what I felt like after mile 5.  HA!


I would normally like a faster overall pace (going into this half) but I also take into account I was talking through a good portion.

I did an easy, untimed six yesterday and today (Sunday) is the Atlantic City half marathon.  It’s hard for me to believe it’s time to go.

This is rather short training post because I have less runs to talk about.

Questions for you:

Are you racing this weekend? 

Good luck to everyone doing Cherry Blossum.  Maybe next year for me.

What is your biggest confidence booster run?

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  1. Good luck today! I can’t wait to hear how it went! No runs for me, and I’m starting to dread the elliptical… But I am definitely feeling better, so hopefully a run will be in the cards for me soon!

  2. Good luck with your half, although I’m sure you’re done by now since it’s after 12 (gah, my concept of time is so off). I hope it went well for you and glad you had a solid training week even if it was a cutback week. I agree that early wake ups do get old sometimes :(.

  3. Great job on your half!! You are such an inspiration, Hollie.
    I ran Cherry Blossom, I am pretty sure I set a new PR but my results aren’t coming up. I’m not sure if I had a bad timing chip…grr

  4. I think for me a confidence booster would be when a long run feels easy. I can’t wait to hear about your race today! I saw the results on Twitter, congratulations!!!!

  5. That pic is adorable! I’m behind on reading blogs obvs, so I know how your race went, congrats again!

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