My training compared to last year is a lot different.  I am running a lot less consitently and a lot lower miles.  That being said I’m also running a lot faster miles.  The last 9 weeks (wow) I’ve been in a one week hard, one week easy (half marathon that week), recovery week and repeat.

It’s easier to explain this way:

Hard and higher mileage week (one rest day)

Easier week leading into a half marathon (normally 2 rest days)

Recovery week out of the half (two rest days)

It seems to have worked out well.  I’ll be honest that when I end up doing lower mileage, I wonder if I’m ready to race.  If I’m ready to run fast and have the endurance.  It’s silly because I know I’m running very high mileage but I do often times find myself unsure of my abilities.

So cold.  Lake Effect 2013
So cold. Lake Effect 2013

I’m not sure what training works best for me.  Last year at the time, I didn’t worry about too many different things.  I worried about going for a run, going to work, coming home and sleeping.  A lot of my miles were done on the treadmill (which meant I was recovering quicker and bouncing back from runs quicker).  With running on the treadmill you also cannot tell if your legs are feeling good or bad.  The belt determines the pace, not you. 

That can be a good or a bad thing.

This year I am running the majority of my runs outside.  New Jersey isn’t bad weather wise. I can get outside 9 out of 10 times.  It’s really nice.  (I haven’t experienced a summer yet).

Last year I was consistently running 10-12 miles daily (with a rest day), a tempo workout and a long run day.  It seemed to work and I PRed in first the Shamrock half marathon and then the Nike Women’s half marathon.

Run for the Dream 2013
Run for the Dream 2013

This year I’m running 11-12 miles daily (with 1-2 rest days), a tempo workout and sometimes a long run. It also seems to have been working and I ran two consistent 1:25.30 half marathons (Lake Effect and Shamrock) and recently PRed at Atlantic City (by recently I mean 2 days ago).

It seems like every year, I tweak my training or find what works for me at the time.  Last year that was worked for me.  This year this is working for me.  I’ve felt great during my training runs.  Next year who knows what will work better for me.  Maybe I’ll have even found a coach.

I guess my point of the post is that your training should never stress you out.  If it does you should find ways to make it better so it doesn’t.   This is all my opinion though and maybe you thrive on a high stress training plan.  I know running will never “rule my life” so I don’t thrive on a stressful training plan.  No one has time for all of that.

Setting my 5k PR this summer.  I believe I'm waving to Ally S.
Setting my 5k PR this summer. I believe I’m waving to Ally S.  (never stressed) 


Questions for you:

Have you changed your training or workout plan lately?